HH AFTER ME… Tell him, you want to kill me, go ahead but I won’t die – Archbishop Mpundu

Telesphore Mpundu

HH AFTER ME – TELESPHORE … Tell him, you want to kill me, go ahead but I won’t die

Hakainde Hichilema is after me but he won’t kill me, says retired Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu.

And Archbishop Mpundu says there is absolutely no need to ask former president Edgar Lungu to refund the government the money it spent on him when he ‘temporarily retired’ from active politics, because benefits have already been withdrawn.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Archbishop Mpundu said people must go into government to serve the people but Hichilema… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/hh-is-after-me-telesphore


  1. When you were supporting Hichilema and Upnd, you didn’t know the people you were supporting . You were supporting blindly just because you thought PF and Lungu were very bad people. Tepapa, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.

  2. Hehehehe ba mpundu HH after you? Problem you are being lied to each and every day by your pf and you are falling for it . Mwakula maningi daddy use your wisdom . Can’t you use your spiritual eyes instead of political lenses.. oh please.

  3. Mr President, where do you find the time to fix all your opponents? Awe sure mwalikwata umute. Mupepekela fye umupani iya ingulu.

    I would hate to be your enemy. And now that you have mastered imingalato, awe sure tuli muchibe.

  4. Ba Archbishop, at your age, can you believe such a story? of all the people HH being after you, does he even have time for such issues? In the last two years, he has not killed anyone including his opponents, it is therefore shocking to hear that he is after your life, killing you for what? Are you a politician? What have you done to him? I am sure such a story is just a pure speculation and allegation, HH’s hands are blood stains free, if he killed you, you will break a record because you will be the first one to kill. But looking at you, you look relaxed, no wonder you are saying you won’t die because you know that such a thing cannot and it won’t happen. I just hope that the recent misunderstandings between HH and the Catholic Church won’t be resurrected through those false allegations. Such speculations are from HH’s enemies and it is sad that you are giving them chance by believing their story.

  5. I feel very sorry for this old man. He doesn’t even realise that he is now tired and expired. Arguing with young people in Govt that have done no wrong just takes away the little respect he was enjoying from ordinary people. HH is not killer and has intention of killing him.
    There is no doubt that Mpundu’s brain is becoming senile. A lot of his arguments don’t even make sense. I wonder why the Govt gives him so much respect by bringing him closer. This is what fuels his stupid actions thinking he is still relevant when the man is fully expired. Perhaps, Govt may as well start talking to Alick Banda. His faculties are still proper unlike Telephone Mpundu who is in a self destruction mode and his best place being Chainama.

  6. UPND Archbishop Mpundu knows more than you dwarfs know. There are too many people in your party that have come to distrust and hate the way HH and his suicide squad at State house and police headquarters are planning and executing to those people who have no fear to call a spade a spade.
    KK 1990 used his Kaunda boys to kill Archbishop Elias Mutale of Kasama Archdiocese in Lusaka, we saw the end of the might KK. HH take your hands off archbishop Mpundu the entire Catholic is watching you.

  7. Your eminence best keep out of politics. Truly you are tribal. You have always been against HH.the the man a chance he is trying to lead the country in the right direction whilst cleaning your friend s mess. You are supposed to preach love not hate.


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