Dr. Fred M'membe


… he adds that the problems in PF can be resolved by PF if the atmosphere is favorable

Lusaka, Monday, November 6, 2023 (Smart Eagles)

Leader of the opposition Socialist Party has maintained that President Hakainde Hichilema and the United Party for National Development (UPND) are responsible for the drama currently obtaining in the former ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party.

Dr M’membe said the UPND and President Hakainde Hichilema can try to remain mute on the matter and hide but their fingerprints are there.

The opposition leader argued that there is no way President Hichilema can hide from what is happening to the PF.

“It is a desperate way of trying to create a one party state. This multiparty democracy, people fought for it. There was multiparty democracy at independence, it disappeared. After some time, people realized we could not continue with one party state, and they fought for it,” he said.

“I was one of them. I was one of the people who went to Garden Hotel on the 20th of July and the 21st of July in 1990 and waged struggle to have a multiparty political dispensation back. We will not allow to see the destruction of something people strived for, for a long and in a difficult way. Mr Hakainde was not there. Mr Hakainde and his friends did not participate in the reintroduction of multiparty politics. They may not like the PF and they are entitled to not like the PF, but the PF have a right to exist, whether they like it or not.”

Dr M’membe said the PF does not exist at the mercy or discretion of the UPND.

He schooled the ruling party that multiparty politics is about competing for power.

The SP President said the destruction of the PF is not just about the PF but about all Zambians.

“All citizens of good will should stand up and oppose this. We have enough problems, there is a problem of mealie meal, there is a problem of general cost of living, and they don’t want people to talk about those things. There are no medicines in the hospital, all those that are concerned about those people who rule this country today is their personal deals, to increase their personal wealth, to become millionaires and billionaires, through corruption, through theft,” he said.

“Some of them were even getting into deals before they got into government. Support us, give us money, when we get into government we will give you contracts to supply oil, we will give you contracts to supply fertilizer. They had even the audacity to sign such agreements before getting into power, this is the kind of government you have.”

He said whatever problem the PF might have had cannot justify what happened.

“There is no organisation without problems. The UPND itself has numerous challenges. Does it justify the destruction of the UPND? Which institution in this country doesn’t have problems? Even the churches have got problems, can that justify the destruction of the church? Traditional institutions have got challenges; can that justify their destruction? This government has problems, numerous problems. Can that justify the destruction of this government? Or its removal by unjustified means?” he asked in fury.

“Would you allow a coup in Zambia because the government is troubled? No. There are ways to deal with problems. You don’t destroy an institution because it has problems, then you turn around and say they destroyed themselves. They didn’t destroy themselves. PF has not destroyed itself. It has problems. The ones who are trying to destroy the PF it is Mr Hakainde Hichilema and his clique. Given a favorable atmosphere, PF can sort out its problems, the same way all other institutions that are troubled. If they are given a favorable atmosphere, they will sort out their problems. There is no need to strangulate them, to assassinate them… if they commit suicide, that is their problem. But don’t kill them. The problems in PF can be resolved by PF if the atmosphere is favorable.”

Commenting on the newly appointment of the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) at the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), Dr M’membe charged that Mr Brown Kasaro is a criminal.

“Kasaro is a criminal. Brown Kasaro is a criminal. And I cant understand, we have commissioners who were there when Kasaro was being discharged, was being fired, and they allow Kasaro to come back,” he said.

“Who doesn’t know at that commission what Kasaro did? We can excuse maybe two new commissioners. The three commissioners who were there know who Kasaro is. We will not allow Kasaro to come back. And it is better we don’t go to a big conflict over a small individual. Who is Kasaro? Let him just go back and do what he was doing.”


  1. It’s very clear he’s the architect of this so called PF confusion. If he was not involved he could easily stop the police or registrar of societies to do the correct thing! Since he’s not stopping them, it confirms his involvement in whole dirty evil strategy. But surely it will bounce back to him very badly, sooner or later. And that will be the end of Upnd because they have become very unpopular among citizens over these dirty activities of theirs! Akatanshi takalisha, akalekelesha ekalisha! They will soon be cry babies in the country!

  2. You have done forensics and seen the finger prints? You are not even in pf. Davis chama who is pf has not seen Bally’s fingerprints in the pf’s self inflicted squabbles so I don’t know what you are ranting about.

  3. Mmembe is foolish, he should have taken advantage of the confusion in PF to attract members who are not happy to be led by Hon. Miles. If PF reorganizes and win in 2026 or 2031 when will he ever rule?
    Demise of PF does not mean death of democracy in Zambia. No no no, not at all PF killed MMD but other big players rose to the occussion and went on even to win the elections. Step aside Mmembe if you don’t have the balls to take on the challenge of being a biggest opposition party.
    KBF, KALABA, KATEKA wake up guys whilst the opportunity/chance exists.

    • You are the foolish one Sir.

      Do you think Hakainde will stop with PF?

      Do you think I care about PF? No.

      Hakainde is conducting political genocide by extinguishing all opposition, starting with the biggest PF.

      See the bigger picture before it is too late. This guy you are supporting blindly has bank accounts in Panama. You think he cares about you or your poor mother in the village?

  4. Well, Hakainde is not exactly denying it.

    Remember this is a guy that spent 3 months incarcerated by ECL. He had a lot of time to plan his revenge. And when he got elected, he could not believe his luck. He must have thought the Gods were smiling on him.

    Revenge is a dish served cold!

  5. Thx Mr Wise, but that is reality. PF was a criminal gang which does not deserve to continue existing. It’s like a snake which should be hit on the head or better still decapitated. It was toxic

  6. Mmeembe is the new spokes person for the Lungu led faction of PF. This man is so filled with hate for HH that he doesn’t even realise he has his own so called party. He is supporting the very people that killed his popular paper.

  7. Zambia has no opposition political party that can bring inovative idea to grow the economy, instead they waste their energy and resources on the charector assassination of the incumbent head of state. Even the poor rain condition in the country can be blamed on HH so that farmers can protest. Zambia is not interested in who can insullt and hate the head of state more, but the brains that can be focused on problem solving techniques. Brains that can debate issues affecting the country in a positive and sober manner. It’s like opposition political parties can’t speak without the word HH.

  8. Why don’t you just speak for yourself Sir, you always say, we, we we, are you our spokes person? and when did you become one? If you went to Garden House, that was your own choice, did HH send you to go there? You went alone and you knew what you went there for. What about Lungu you are supporting, was he there? Is it you to tell us if Hakainde is responsible for PF wrangles? Why can’t you leave PF matters to PF. Concentrate on your party, maybe in 2026, you may manage at least an MP. I have seen now why some people are saying you and Mr. E. Mwamba are not politicians but journalists, your own actions portray you as pure political correspondents for your respective parties.

  9. If what this man is saying is true, why not attack Sampa for being a Traitor or Judas Escariot ?. But we know Mmembe has personal hatred against HH which he has not denied and finds in this a soft opportunity to attack him day and night. Time will tell.

  10. Why does this guy Mmembe always spit/spill HATRED and attacks on other people. His is not normal. How can one aspire to lead a nation with such intense and passionate HATRED?


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