HH personal farm programme took National focus from fighting cholera


HH personal farm programme took National focus from fighting cholera

It is curious that President Hakainde Hichilema is now reported to have cut short his holiday in Southern Province.

We are forced to ask whether his holiday has been cut or he has, in fact, concluded his programme.

The President also seems to have made his decision shortly after one opposition party leader posted a message asking what he was still engaged in personal work at his farm while the numbers of Zambians dying of cholera are on the increase.

If we were President Hichilema’s handlers we would have ensured whatever he was doing personally did not receive the kind of image building coverage that virtually all the government-aligned media accorded him.

For days, they have filled printed and online media outlets with President and his wife inspecting, vaccinating cattle, picking wild vegetable delicacies and other activities, taking away the country’s vital focus from the struggle by the Minjstry of Health to control the spread of cholera.

If the President felt his family programme was more important than his personal close involvement in the fight against cholera, his handlers should at least have blacked out his daily public relations coverage.

The number new cases of cholera and deaths recorded daily have been increasing. In the last 24 hours, 27 Zambians died of cholera.

Is it only now that PreIdent Hichilema has been moved to cut short his holiday? Why?

Others argue that the President can not be faulted because he was within the country. It is true he was within the country but it was better for citizens to be seeing Healh Minister Sylvia Masebo running around arranging Beds for Patients than seeing the President addressing people.

During the Hurrican Katrina in the United States of America ( USA) President George Bush was within the country but took long to act. The area which was ravaged by the Hurricane is predominantly black. Bush faced a Fall out in this area.

It is important therefore that Presidential Handlers understand the sensitivity of such actions because they unnecessarily bring contempt and ridicule to the Presidency. These small, small things can cause serious misrepresentation.

It should not be mandatory that everything the President is doing should be fed to the public. Praise Singers Twapapata. What we have stated here is just an illustration of what we would do if we were Presidential Handlers in the midst of a serious Cholera Outbreak

Credit: Zambian Whistleblower


  1. They say the media is a double-edged sword. It can build just as it can destroy you. The public media gave HH and his wife wide coverage over their visit to and activities at their ranch in Choma. Little did they realize that made President HH come across as unconcerned about the plight of citizens in Lusaka afflicted by cholera. It is good the public media covered HH’s activities on his private ranch. They say give someone even a little bit of power and it will bring out the person they really are.

  2. This President has wrong Priorities, and with praise singers daily churning out noise , they can’t see that their man is getting lost in his maze of praises. He did the same on the Mine Disaster, staying in Dubai only to come for rallies.
    The only thing which matters to this President is power, and power only. Here is a person who was moving with jombos in Kabwata for a bye election.. Kafubu and Kwacha even with court orders in place.
    If he can just put 10% of his energy spent on the Hakainde -Miles Sampa Project into the fight against Cholera, the disease will be
    I don’t know what can move Hakainde. Cholera deaths all around us, weak grandmothers succumbing to the disease, and there is a president glowing in radiance at a farm obviously a proceed of Privatisation heist, showing off his animals.

  3. Your outbreak has nothing to do with HH but you lack of personal hygiene and lack of respect for town and country planning law! Leave him out of your misery and just die quietly!!

    • Iwe ECL had eradicated Cholera in Zambia. He took cleanliness and hygiene seriously.

      Uyu yena musali fye.

      He should be ashamed of himself.

      • Don’t you get tired? You are such a fool in every useless, lying response about HH.
        Get a hobby or employment so that you obsess less. No one normal spends as much time as you do writing nonsensical diatribes about a person? Did HH reject you? Sorry if he did.

  4. Idiot you think the President is a god. Whether he is in Lusaka or not he is still incharge of government. The lack of hygiene is the cause of al this Tackle hygiene then the problem will be overcome.
    Useless article.

  5. This is political stupidity. No sane person can choose to play politics with the cholera epidemic which has claimed so many lives. At the farm, HH was demonstrating to Zambians the value of hardwork. Only a fool can condemn him for that.

  6. Ba Indigo please! Ati ECL had eradicated cholera in Zambia! Which Zambia ba Indigo? Cholera has been endemic from the UNIP days and each administration has had to struggle with it.

    Please, be truthful.


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