HH will easily go down in Zambian history as having presided over the most corrupt regime- Dr Cosmas Musumali

Cosmas Musumali
Cosmas Musumali

Dr Cosmas Musheke Musumali, General Secretary and First Vice-President of the Socialist Party, writes:


President Hakainde Hichilema will easily go down in Zambian history as having presided over the most corrupt regime!

Of course, his praise singers are still in denial. They still think he means well, and that only those surrounding him are corrupt. Ironically, this is the false logic that is typical of high-level corruption – the leader is exonerated and the lieutenants are executed.

The truth is that the entire system is mucky, filthy and corrupt. President Hichilema cannot clean the system without starting with himself. Let him openly declare his business interests and connections. Let us see the deals his businesses have entered into over the past two years.

We know he will not and cannot afford this level of public disclosure. He is in a hurry to become one of the richest men on the continent. Being the President of this country is therefore a huge opportunity to leverage his business ambitions.

The Zambian masses are held hostage in this tragic saga. Corruption will continue to haunt them. After all, it starts and ends with their President.


  1. It will never happen. Ubobufi. Socialist party should have been formed much ealier than this time. Its existing at a wrong time. Its too late, maybe other leader will rule on the same ticket not Mmembe. Its too early for him.

  2. We know that Cosmas Musumali is Mmembe’s “old side chick” of course after which comes Sishuwa Shuwa. This old man doing Zakumbuyo at his advanced age, what a shame.
    They know that their smallest party with one Councillor is going nowhere.
    He is smearing HH out of envy and without any foundation.
    Today, Cosmas holds 2 positions in SP as SG and First VP both of which are hollow, and have no real value because Mmembe makes all the decisions. The SP is going nowhere!

  3. They have nothing against HH, every day it is the same lamentations, declare your wealth blah blah, how does declaration of HHs wealth add value to an ordinary citizens life? The categorical answer is Zero, the lamentations are marely meant to smare HH because they have nothing against him. People can read in between the ĺine the more your hate HH the more he is loved by common people

  4. Ba Musumali, please be objective! The first prize for corruption belongs to the PF regime and UPND have yet to surpass their record inspite of the UPND’s shortcomings and Mr. Kakubo’s inappropriate conduct.

    Under PF, ministers (Mr Chitotela and Dr. Chilufya) were attending corruption court proceedings while in office and Mr. Lungu even refused to suspend them pending the outcome of their court cases.

    In my opinion President Hakainde Hichilema in on course to becoming the best president Zambia has ever had, that is, if he doesnot fluff it like Mr. Chiluba did. He can easily surpass Mr. Mwanawasa if he maintains his cool and integrity.

  5. Ba Mwenya, President Hakainde Hichilema PUBLICLY declaring his assets and liabilities is cardinal to our pursuit of transparency. We want to track his progression in this area throughout his presidency. If there is a spike in his assets we want to know and he has to explain.

    In case you have forgotten, Mr. Lungu declared assets of K2.5milion during the presidential elections in 2015. About 18 months later during the presidential elections of 2016, Mr. Lungu declared assets of K23million! Question is, how did he make so much money within this short period? To date, he has not explained how he accrued such enormous wealth.

    Consequently, he made sure that the public declaration of assets and liabilities by presidential candidates was no longer a requirement.

    Both Mr. Hichilema and Mr. Lungu must publicly declare their assets and liabilities. This information is currently sitting with the Electoral Commission of Zambia. Iam hoping that with the enactment of the Freedom Of Information act, we can access this vital information. Ba News Diggers muletipo Shani?

    Public declaration of assets by the president and his predecessor does add value to life of the ordinary Zambian because it is a safeguard against presidential abuse of office, a necessary control. Mr. Hichilema is not an angel. Trust is good but control is even better.


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