Mr Hakainde Hichilema and his corrupt tribal puppet regime’s reaction to the Swedish Ambassador’s concerns over the rampant cases of corruption in the country is shameful and morally repugnant.

Yesterday, Mr Hichilema, through his mouthpiece, the chief government spokesperson, Mr Cornelius Mweetwa, accused the Swedish Ambassador to Zambia, Johan Hellenborg of distorting and harming the country’s image.

The Zambian government also censured the Swedish envoy, saying whilst the presence and assistance of diplomats was appreciated, procedure must be followed regarding delicate matters, stating that no Zambian Ambassador can allege corruption in another country with impunity.

It is disgraceful and thoughtless that such a statement was made to be the official government position given the endless corruption scandals that have plagued this country since this corrupt tribal puppet regime took over office.

With the latest being the recent resignation of former minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation, Mr Stanley Kakubo, over corruption allegations.

To this day, Mr Kakubo has not been arrested and prosecuted for his suspected involvement in corruption, and nothing has been seized from him as a proceeds of crime.

There are many similar incidents of corrupt practices involving senior UPND government officials as well as the President’s friends and business associates, which have been swept under the carpet by this administration.

So, where does Mr Hichilema, through Mr Mweetwa, summon the courage to respond with such arrogance and ignorance to the Swedish Ambassador’s genuine concern? Is it because they have stolen too much and their stomachs are now bloated with vanity or a false sense of superiority? Chachine koswe nga akokola mung’anda alenda na kasuba!

The government’s harsh and defensive response to this matter is telling. Clearly, the reaction is one coming from a guilty mind with something scandalous to hide.

It is shocking that instead of dealing with the corruption and abuse of power, and state resources being complained about by many stakeholders including ourselves, this government’s main concern is to deal with the people talking or raising alarm about corruption. What type of logic is this?

When we first started talking about the massive corruption in this administration, we were accused of being bitter. We were accused of harbouring hatred against Mr Hichilema and his corrupt tribal puppet regime.

But here we are today! What bitterness does the Swedish government have against them? What hatred do the Swedes have against them? What is it that the Swedes want from them, which they didn’t get to make them bitter about them?

Mr Hichilema and his corrupt tribal puppet regime must realise that exhibiting excessive arrogance and ignorance is not the way to go. It will not help them much. It will only ruin and worsen the situation for them.

The best way to cure an illness is taking the right advice and the right medicine. And the only medicine for corruption is to stop it!

Like we keep saying, if indeed this government is serious about the fight against corruption, let Mr Hichilema declare all his assets. Let him declare all his dealings in almost every sector of our economy, like mining, fuel, fertilizer, insurance, grain imports and exports, property and real estate, construction, and manufacturing, among many others.

Mr Hichilema has been adamant about declaring all his assets because he knows too well that the day he is made to fully disclose all his business interests, without being able to conceal anything, will mark the beginning of the end of his presidency and the beginning of his journey to prison.

In fact, refusing to declare assets is a prima facie case of corruption. What is Mr Hichilema trying to conceal? Why isn’t he willing to declare his wealth? Why should a wealthy man be afraid to declare all his assets?

The only thing he is willing to show is cattle and goats. The reason he is ready to show his cattle and goats is because it’s a decoy. He is ready all the time to exhibit cattle and goats because it’s easier to launder. If truly, Mr Hichilema is innocent and clean, why can’t he show us other things that he owns or has interest in, besides cattle and goats?

But the day will come when all these will be revealed and laid bare for all to see, and that day is very near.

There is systemic corruption and plunder of state funds that are being facilitated by State House. Does it make sense that they have single sourced all supplies of fertilizer since assuming office in 2021? Since coming into office, they have never run an independent and transparent tender for the supply and distribution of fertilizer, and they see nothing wrong with that.

And who doesn’t know about the huge kick backs they’re receiving? The many suitcases of cash being delivered to their residences at night. Can they really stand up in broad daylight and claim innocence? Can they honestly claim there are no cuts in the payments to suppliers and contractors?

These are unrepentant crooks and fraudsters who are tying themselves up with the corruption python around their necks.

But it’s just a matter of time before they get caught up in their own lies again.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Kikikikiki. Ati produce evidence of corruption. Is this not the same stupid question Fredrick Chiluba asked Levy Patrick Mwanawasa before he resigned as Vice President? What happened later to Fredrick Chiluba when LP Mwanawasa became President? Someone will cry some day when all the evidence will be laid bare for all to see. Mark my words.


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