I sympathise with Musokotwane, Kalyalya on Zambia’s debt – Christopher Mvunga

Christopher Mvunga

I sympathise with Musokotwane, Kalyalya on Zambia’s debt – Mvunga

By Philip Chisalu
FORMER Bank of Zambia Governor Christopher Mvunga says he sympathises with his successor Denny Kalyalya and Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane on the situation government finds itself in regarding the deal with bondholders.

And Mvunga has called for an economic Indaba on Zambia’s debt and the economy in general.

Zambia’s Official Creditors recently rejected a revised Agreement in Principle (AIP) that was reached between government and the Bondholders, arguing that the revised proposal still does not meet its interpretation of the Comparability of Treatment criteria.

The Zambia External Bondholder Steering Committee, however, expressed disappointment over the matter, saying it was deeply concerned with the recent developments with regards to implementing its agreement with government…


  1. At least you had the Brains to start stockpiling real value in terms of Gold! That’s what wise countries use to back their currency!
    The USD is off the Gold Standard since 1971 and therefore is a useless piece of paper lacking in intrinsic value!
    We truly need an urgent Indaba on the Economy!
    Zambia is a rich country in wrong hands!

    • Chikubabe zona PF idiot iwe. Zambia is in right hands unlike your PF Kelenka Regime who damaged the economy ba idiot imwe. Christopher Mvunga pushed in the last nail into Zambia’s economy when he printed excessive cash to oil PF criminals. You must be a complete PF dunderhead.


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