If anything happens to me, hold this guy” Mike Ezuronye cries out as he rides in a self driving car


If anything happens to me, hold this guy” Mike Ezuronye cries out as he rides in a self driving car

Renowned actor Mike Ezuronye recently shared a rather amusing experience he had while riding in a self-driving car. In a video, he raised concerns about his safety, humorously suggesting that if anything went wrong during the ride, his friend (who was also featured in the video) should bear responsibility.

The incident unfolded as Mike Ezuronye entered an automated car, and his friend demonstrated the car’s self-driving capabilities by letting go of the steering wheel. Clearly uneasy, Mike pleaded with his friend to take control of the vehicle by putting his hands back on the wheel.

However, his friend remained firm, revealing that the car was designed to drive itself. The light-hearted video captured Mike’s playful apprehension, as he jokingly asked netizens to hold his friend accountable in the unlikely event of a mishap during the autonomous ride.
In a previous post from 2022, Mike Ezuronye took to his Instagram to offer some relationship advice, specifically addressing women. He advised them not to engage in conflicts when their partners annoyed them, especially during the holiday season in December. Mike emphasized that some men might intentionally provoke arguments to evade the financial burden of buying expensive Christmas gifts. He encouraged women to be savvy and recognize this pattern, understanding that these conflicts might be a strategy to save money.

Moreover, in September 2022, Mike Ezuronye received compliments from actress Regina Daniels on his birthday. She expressed her appreciation on Instagram, referring to him affectionately as “Uncle Mike.” She used kind words to describe his amazing and supportive personality, conveying the strength of their friendship and the impact he has had on her life.


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