MANDEVU RALLY WILL STILL GO ON… Zambia needs new freedom fighters for our democracy- Chishala Kateka



….. Zambia needs new freedom fighters for our democracy.


As New Heritage Party (NHP), we have noted the usual vague response from the Zambia Police advising our Party not to proceed with the Mandevu Rally on 1st June, 2024.

However, NHP shall still proceed with the Mandevu rally with its own marshals peacefully. We call on all our members, supporters and democracy loving Zambian’s to turn up in large numbers.

As ably stated by the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ), there’s no Law in Zambia that compels the police to give permission for a political rally. Since the UPND came into power, no opposition political party has ever held a political rally whilst President Hichilema and UPND does so unconditionally.

We advise Mr. Graphel Musamba’s command to create more room in the police cells should he decide to arrest us. We are coming in our thousands and we are prepared to pay any price Mr. Musamba’s deems fit.

All party structures in Mandevu and Lusaka Province are hereby directed to continue mobilising for the peaceful mass rally in Mandevu, it will go on.

Chishala Kateka


  1. I hope she be the one at the front. These leaders of political parties have always been using other innocent people for their gains.

  2. The only problem is that their main message is to talk against the government and use of degrading language more inciting innocent people of Zambia.

  3. Imagine. It is not as if Hakainde used to talk against government or insult ECL when he was in opposition.

    Vote wisely in 2026.

  4. Madam Kateka wants to be a new freedom fighter.What freedom if we may ask?Freedom to break the law?You must be at the front row madam so that you show your true strength in the fight.But be mindful,breaking your leg in that old age can be extremely painful.Joining fights late is bad because you may not know exactly what you want to archive.The dream running mate is Imboela.Sakwiba is Justice minister in the dream.Silavwe information.Ester Education.Tasila Community Development.Nawakwi Religious Affairs.Kateka Sinior. Fred is Traditional Affairs.

  5. The powers that be should let the NHP have their rally.

    The Police in their shortsightedness are making heroes out of nonentities.

    Like the NHP and LAZ have rightly pointed out, all that is needed is to inform the police about the rally and if they donot have the manpower for the event, the organizers can have their own marshals to keep order.

    This was the High Court ruling going back to the MMD days but ruling parties have repeatedly ignored this. Specifically, the Police are guilty of suppressing democracy in this respect.


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