By Romeo Kangombe

Edgar Lungu is politically dead, as opposition leader he can’t even face the media. The police should stop giving Edgar unnecessary attention and publicity. Allow him to move around so that citizens can pay their last respect to his dead political career which will be buried in 2026.

The state is sitting on a lot of information regarding criminal activities, abuse of office and crimes committed by the former head of state and out of respect he has been treated in a dignified manner.

We must not treat Edgar Lungu the same way he treated us because the citizens will not tell the difference. We must teach Edgar Lungu and minions how democracy works.

Edgar Lungu is a very cruel person who is ready to kill for politics. Do you think if Edgar Lungu was President he would allow Hakainde Hichilema to meet clergymen freely? We all know what would have happened in Kabwe if Edgar was the one with the instruments of powers. We must resist the temptations of returning evil for evil.

Edgar Lungu never believed in freedom of speech, he sent thugs to attack radio stations even when HH was just having a phone interview. He closed the post newspaper and Prime TV in order to suppress opposing views.

Give Edgar Lungu instrument of powers again and see how many UPND members will die. This is the truth. Do not be deceived by fake humbleness, Lungu is still the same person and by the way he has never apologized for atrocities he committed against the citizens of this country.

Citizens were gassed, markets burnts, innocent people were gunned down in cold blood in the name of politics. Hakainde Hichilema’s house was raided, workers tear gassed and tortured but today HH has treated Lungu with respect and love. HH restrained all us from revenging what Edgar and minions did to us because heaven knows what I could have done.

The United Party for National Development (UPND) believes in tenets of democracy, this is why opposition political parties can freely wear their party regalia something which was a taboo under the reigns of Edgar.

We also wish to advise Edgar Lungu not to undermine the leadership of President Hakainde Hichilema. As a former head of state, he must show a good example in respecting the laws of the country. No one is above the law, Edgar Lungu has no immunity to commit crimes.

To those who want to take advantage of the free political space to cause anarchy, the law will visit you. We are ready to effect citizens’arrests on anyone who breaks the law.

Romeo Kangombe
Chairperson Mobilisation and strategy – UPND


  1. Very, very sensible!! Police and UPND, please heed this advice otherwise you are walking straight into ECL’s trap. ECL wants you to be harassing him and even to detain him so that people can not be able to distinguish his regime from yours. Heed Hon Kangombe’s advice!!!!

  2. Romeo K, I have always admired your courage and dedication. On this one you are wrong and failed to deliver your message.
    1: Lungu has been a president for Zambia as such he needs respect and support from the current administration. Tomorrow, HH will be former president and the same that you people from UPND are advocating for will be applied to HH.
    2: Lua – Brazilian president was called finished and demonised by his predecessor. Today he is the president of Brazil why people especially ordinary citizens are more powerful than the elite who are preoccupied with their own needs than the majority population.
    3: As long as you have deputy IG at state house who is the IG of Zambia police force whose preoccupation are revenge, vengeful, hatred, division and violence for those people from Northern , Eastern and those perceived enemies of him, the police top hierarchy who are now full of Tongas will listen to him and carry out even unlawful orders to arrest or detain those he sees as enemies or adversaries.
    Romeo, you can say things that you feel are important but you are not in the inner circle just another person from western province as they regard you. It’s Tonga time and yours has not come. They will pretend to love you but my young man look you are just a number

  3. The level of divisive tribal undertones in Postings of some well known specific ZO Bloggers is disgusting and sickening, to say the least. Through their tribal tinted Lens, in everything they see Tribe. These primitive Cavemen, they render Darwin’s Theory of Evolution irrelevant because they will never evolve from being Tribalists to being decent Zambians who see every Zambian first as a Zambian before being seen as a Bemba, Tonga, Lozi, Chewa, Luvale, Lunda and Kaonde.

  4. When i form government the first thing to abolish will be mentioning of some names called tribe. I will abolish decentralisation for the first term. It has brought more harm than intended good. We shall put a law that forbids sending civil servants back to their birth regions. Western Southern and Central will go to Northern circuit and vice versa.
    Lastly we shall abolish traditional paramount leadership. Headmens and museum will be enough to preserve culture.
    Otherwise by the mention of tribe Zambia will one day sink into a severe civil unrest.

    • Totally agree with you Sir, we need to go the Julius Nyerere who abolished Chiefs in Tanzania and Super Ken, uwesu, who also promoted “One Zambia One Nation”
      Tribal Zealots and primitive Cavemen who always want to play the Tribal Card by posturing as eithers Victors or Victims of Tribal hegemony disgust me to my core, mentally retarded morons!!!

  5. The fact we are able to rightfully call HH is running a tribal government, it to open your eyes you people praise singers. We have seen indiscriminately removing people from their positions look at Education, Health, Zesco, police worse , intelligence, (OP) civil service , parastatal companies. Do you know what they say? It’s our time. Go to police headquarters, briefings are done in Tonga even the Lozis are complaining. Some of you today trying to show you love and support HH were hiding like rats or bats during the day in a cave. We openly supported HH , campaigning for him using our hard earned money in provinces that he used to get less votes to ensure he won the elections because we thought his experience in opposition can help him to run a government for the people, by the people and to people meaning all Zambians will be treated equally and like side by side in harmony and tranquillity. Alas HH is running a tribal government, that is bordering dictatorship, destroying every fabric or tenets of democracy and ubuntu. We want him to change and run a government that will be a beacon of freedom, hope and prosperity and for Tongas or few Lozis who are just being used as escapegoats. We don’t want him to surrounded by yes some people who constantly think because HH is Tonga then he is the president for Tongas but HH is not an ordinary Tonga but a father of the nation, if he can build a Zambia that we are all proud and looking forward to seeing then, we be singing and praising him for a Weldone job Basir, twalumba kapati, Twatotela mukwai. Zhikomo. He has the potential but people surrounding him are incompetent and preoccupied and motivated to revenge. When their preoccupations would to leave a mark with higher bar for a taste of time.

  6. It’s your fault Kangombe and your boss!
    If only you had listened to what people were telling you to do immediately you took over in 2021, ECL would not be a factor today.
    Trouble is UPND lacks political foresight!
    Deal with the mess you have created for yourselves!
    Know that your political grave has it’s mouth wide open now!
    You hit the Iron while it is hot!
    Too late now!
    Never leave an enemy behind our it will regroup and come after your throat!

  7. A brief recent history may help us to understand where we are now as a Nation.. especially the veiled Tonga project the country has been dealing with from 1964. In the second Republic, the project went underground, simmering occasionally, but Kenneth Kaunda managed it through Mainza Chona as second in command, Kebby Musokotwane as Prime Minister… and Nalumino Mundia, Malimba Masheke , Humphrey Mulemba the Zambezi extension consideration.
    But in the third republic, it again came back to the fore.
    The MMD had Vernon Mwaanga and Baldwin Nkumbula as the Tongas in Chiluba’s first cabinet in 1991… Baldwin left the MMD in 1993 Citing Corruption and formed the National Party. This left Vernon Mwaanga whose progression to higher positions in the MMD was limited due to his unappealing past history… When Baldwin died in 1995, the light for a Tonga President, as per that veiled Project, seemed dim…
    Realizing this, Anderson Mazoka a Tonga, decided to join the MMD when Chiluba was serving his second and last term.. Joining the MMD at such a late hour with intentions of becoming President didnt go well with insiders …He was asked to be a Branch official before being considered for higher positions in the party…He attempted to do this in Kabwata, but he hit a massive brick wall…and he became frustrated. This led him to form the United Party for National Development in 1998..The party was launched in Solwezi ( why Solwezi ? Reference made to Pre – Independence ANC Political and tribal alliances ) . He stood in 2001 against MMD’s Levy Mwanawasa and lost by a small margin. When Anderson Mazoka died in 2006, his Tribesmen within the party and traditional leaders in southern Province declared that only a Tonga should succeed a Tonga, again reference is made to the veiled Tonga project, which now became public as the key objective of the UPND, the driving motivation….to have a Tonga President ..hence Hakainde Hichilema , a Tonga , became President, when there were 2 Vice Presidents… Sakwiba Sikota and Patrick Chisanga who were more deserving candidates for the position…
    and here we are now finally with a Tonga President. So this veiled Tonga project, clad in ethnicity, is now with us…the aspirations of decades from pre-colonial days finally dawned on Zambia in 2021. Hence the “It’s our time” doctrine running in all corridors is a realization of this long drawn out project . Some time down, up, simmering but always there.
    But what is this ” it’s our time doctrine”
    all about – the seemingly outrageous outcome of the veiled Tonga Project ?
    There’s nothing wrong with having your own aspire for higher office…All citizens should be entitled to this. What is wrong is making it institutional, sustained by Tribal Zealots who see no wrong in their own, and a Suppression of all alternatives, then undertones of ethnic hegemony start rearing the ugly sounds…and a dangerous path will ensue…A fetter on our democracy.
    We will see where this project takes the country…It is rather a strange and peculiar project …a bit narrow minded , and one of it’s kind in Zambia and students of political science may in future study it’s contributions to our evolving democracy.
    ( Reproduced this due to some comments above..but originally placed to supplement Dr Zumani’s article)

  8. The comments here are not based on the narrative but tribe tribe tribe. So really who are the tribalists here?

  9. Honourable Kangombe, what UPND is doing right now is playing into Lungu’s snare, if that policeman did not go to the priests office, was government going to be forced to apologize to the priest, was TV and radio going to continuously bring up this issue, no , there was going to be no news. Lungu knows that he can not be dragged around being a former president, it is different from what HH was is opposition, so UPND should by all means try to be intelligent in addressing these issue and not play into the trap.


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