I’LL SUPPORT LUNGU FOR PRESIDENT… ‘If members influence him to continue beyond 2026 as PF leader’ – MUNDUBILE


I’LL SUPPORT LUNGU FOR PRESIDENT – MUNDUBILE … ‘If members influence him to continue beyond 2026 as PF leader’

PF presidential aspirant Brian Mundubile says Edgar Lungu is guaranteed the PF presidency until 2026 and will support him to carry on if party members “influence” him to.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Mundubile said he holds a similar position to that of Chishimba Kambwili, where opposition leaders need to set… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/ill-support-lungu-for-president-mundubile-if-members-influence-him-to-continue-beyond-2026-as-pf-leader/


  1. Mulekeni umunenu atushe, ninshi mwabela ifi, you want Lungu to die in PF. Don’t treat him the way you did to Sata, you knew that his health was failing but couldn’t allow to rest. The man could have lived longer had it not been your power hunger and selfishness. Allow Lungu to rest and enjoy his money, how I wish he was my relative, I was going to chase all of you parasites from around him. You mean you don’t know or have any other leader apart from Lungu? If you don’t have, it’s high time you started looking for one.


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