It’s outright insanity idea any Bemba, Easterner who criticises HH is PF – Sishuwa Sishuwa

Dr SISHUWA Sishuwa

It’s outright insanity idea any Bemba, Easterner who criticises HH is PF – Sishuwa

Dr Sishuwa Sishuwa says it’s outrightly insane that any Bemba or easterner who criticises Hakainde Hichilema’s leadership actions is by default a PF supporter because tens of thousands of Bembas and easterners voted for UPND.

Dr Sishuwa urged against defending President Hakainde Hichilema to the point of zealotry on just any matter.

“Also, this idea that any Bemba or Easterner who criticises Hichilema’s leadership actions is, by default, a PF supporter is outrightly insane and must stop. Tens of thousands of Bembas and Easterners voted for Hichilema. Like anybody else, these have the right to hold him and his administration to account without being labelled as PF supporters.

My Lozi and Tonga clansmen, please settle down!” Dr Sishuwa urged. “When the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops spoke out in defence of Hichilema while he was in opposition (see the links below for examples of evidence) and raised several governance concerns against Edgar Lungu’s administration, their ethnic or regional identity did not matter. Today…


  1. Iwe teti ulandeko fimbi??Iam sure wakulila kumushi.
    Why is it all about tribe??Can’t you just say something without going tribal?.
    Are you ok?

  2. Dr. Sishuwa, what are you really after? Are you after appeasing Northerners and Easterners or you could be having some problem which you haven’t identified yourself? Some people have said that maybe you grew up in the village and have failed to shake off the village mentality despite your level of education. Others are now saying that you could be suffering from inferiority complex although you may not be aware. It’s like you think or feel that Northerners and Easterners cannot vote for HH. But you know that the whole purpose of holding elections is to give chance to Zambians to turn up in their thousands and use their democratic rights to choose a leader of their choice. And on 12th August, 2021, tens of thousands of Northerners, Easterners and the rest of all Zambians voted for HH, no wonder his landslide victory with a record margin of more than one million of popular votes, the first ever victory in the history of this country. In future, the successor to HH may not be a Tonga and I believe Tongas, Westerners and Northwesterners will vote for that person in their thousands just as they did to Chiluba last time. So where is the problem there? It’s sad that some people like you are still talking about tribe 59 years after independence. No one apart from you has ever thought that whoever criticizes HH is a PF supporter, but it’s a general trend in Zambian politics. For example if you associated yourself with HH or UPND that time, then you could be seen as a Tonga, Lori or Northwesterner. Why do you think M’membe called UPND a Bantustan party? It’s good that you live in South Africa and you know what Bantustan means because that’s where that name originated. Please stop dividing the friendly and peaceful people of Zambia, tribe is not an issue to them now, they all see themselves as Zambians. Your name sounds Lozi and I am sure you saw the Litunga attending ukusefya pa Ng’wena in Northern Province this year and recently, mwine Lubemba, Paramount Chief Chitimukulu was in Namwala, Southern Province attending a traditional ceremony there. I believe all well meaning Zambians were very delighted because this is the unity that we want in this country, this is the unity the President always talks about. Zambia is bigger than all of us and it’s better to preach love and unity than preaching about tribe and hatred all the time. What Zambia are you building for your children if you have any? What Zambia are you going to leave behind when you are no more? Honestly speaking, even if HH fails to run this country (God forbid), I would rather vote for Sunday Chanda or Miles Hasampa instead of Sishuwa or Mwamba. Lekeni tribalism, mule onaula ichalo.


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