John Sangwa weighs in on Parley conflict…fingers Speaker for ´unconstitutional´ acts

John Sangwa

John Sangwa weighs in on Parley conflict
…fingers Speaker for ´unconstitutional´ acts

8th Nov. 2023

Respected Lusaka lawyer John Sangwa says the Speaker of the National Assembly Ms. Nellie Mutti could have flouted the law by recognising a faction leader in the ongoing battle for the heart and soul of Zambia´s largest opposition in the house Patriotic Front (PF).

One on the one corner is the hon. Brian Mundubile led PF whose side was elected by all PF legislators as leader of the house while on the other corner is the Miles Sampa PF that has been expelled from the party but claims to be legit too.

Sangwa, a renowned constitutional lawyer argued that Speaker Mutti erred at law when she recognised a new leader of the house in parliament to replace Mundubile in the face of a court order advising against the action.

“There´s a laid down tradition between the courts and the National Assembly,” Sangwa said, “the position is that when you have a matter before the court that matter is subjudice meaning as long as the matter is in court it is out of bounds the national assembly can’t touch it.”

Sangwa described as ´rogue’s parliamentary decision to recognise a faction member when the matter remained in court adding that the action is “unconstitutional,” but the Speaker who faces impeachment has not responded.

The State Counsel was speaking during a live interview called ´Let the People Talk´ on Radio Phoenix.


  1. This speaker will be jailed after the puppet is voted out.

    Even Miles HaaSampa will spend the rest of his natural pathetic life in prison. Together with the privatisation thief.

  2. Sangwa is just one of the many lawyers we have in Zambia. They are always after a piece of cake and it doesn’t matter where it’s coming from. Lawyers charge clients big moneys based on their legal opinions whether it’s for or against and will take the same amount of money whether you win the case or lose it. It’s doesn’t matter whether they win the case or not for them its always a win – win situation. He wants to have a share of what the Mabeki guys have been enjoying.

  3. This is the most delusional lawyer Zambia has ever produced; absolutely useless! When did he ever last win a case in court? Nobody remembers; he just talks senselessly without facts and misleads people.
    He told Zambians that none of the Concourt judges was qualified to hold their offices. But this was untrue. In fact he soiled himself by later going to the same Concourt with a tail between his legs.
    He also misled Zambians that it was illegal for Lungu to stand for election in 2021. Later on in 2023, the idyot has now U-turned and is supporting Lungu to stand in 2026.
    Sangwa is the most vacillating, inconsistent and unreliable lawyer in our country. Believe him and you’ll feel betrayed. Useless man living on our planet.

  4. Now I see why HH was careful not to appoint flip flap, flap flip turn out coats in his government. Sour Grapes. Kikikikiliki. STUPID IDIOTS.

  5. Lawyers are the same they interest is to acquire money from clients. The claims by Sangwa to support PF illegality is aimed at getting business of the Given Lubinda led PF. Honourable Miles Sampa was given an order to deter Given Lubinda and Chilangwa not engage in PF administration an injunction was issued towards Given Lubinda and his undemocratic team of to stop masquerading as PF management, why has Sangwa not committed?

    Lawyers should be fair and impartial.


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