Katumbi Under House Arrest

Katumbi, Tshisekedi

CHAOS ABOUT TO ERUPT: Congo’s Foreigner Military Intelligence Chief Among Tshisekedi’s Operatives Ordering Arrest Of Katumbi

An outbreak of violence has been predicted in the Democratic Republic of Congo following the move by the ruling government and army to place the popular opposition leader under house arrest.

Opposition Ensemble Pour la Republique party leader Moïse Katumbi has had his private residence in Kashobwe village of Haut-Katanga Province surrounded by heavily armed army soldiers and ordered that he does not leave his property.

Military Detection of Unpatriotic Activities (DEMIAP) chief General Christian Ndaywel, a Belgian, has ordered the arrest of Katumbi in a move to neutralize the former Katanga Province Governor.

With the legitimacy of fraudster President Fèlix Tshisekedi’s re-election in huge doubt after an election marred with fraudulent irregularities, General Ndaywel has been tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the popular opposition candidate does not carry out a suspected rebellion in the Great Katanga region.

Katumbi earlier had his flight permit to flyout of Lubumbashi revoked by the Civil Aviation Authority and the noose continues to tighten for the opposition leader whose private properties have been placed under surveillance by DEMIAP, the military security as well as the police.

The move has been predicted to be an act of provocation of the Congolese population as well as new opposition political-military coalition Congo River Alliance leader Corneille Nangaa.

Nangaa, the former Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) President, has returned to the DRC after going into exile and has already warned of his planned move to oust Tshisekedi.

Already, DEMIAP chief General Ndaywel carried out the assassination of Katumbi’s party spokesperson and former Transport Minister Cherubin Okende who was killed in July, 2023 in an act performed to silence opposition.

General Ndaywel has been the subject of a complaint filed in Belgium since November 7, 2023 under his Belgian nationality.

Known to be a hawk of the Tshisekedi regime, General Ndaywel had initially distinguished himself on May 30, 2023, in the kidnapping and sequestration of Katumbi’s special and political advisor, Salomon Kalonda Della.

Detained for more than 7 months, Salomon Kalonda is currently held in a military prison and deprived of access to healthcare abroad despite his poor state of health.

General Ndaywel has had a background of complaints of “war crimes including intentional homicide and torture” filed against him before the Belgian courts but that does not seem to have curbed the ardor of the head of military intelligence of the FARDC who is also involved in the kidnapping and sequestration of several Congolese civilians detained in the DEMIAP dungeons.- https://drcnewstoday.com/chaos-about-to-erupt-congos-foreigner-military-intelligence-chief-has-ordered-arrest-of-katumbi/


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