Katumbi’s Opposition Coalition Allies Call On Congolese Population To “Guard Their Choice”

Katumbi, Tshisekedi

Katumbi’s Opposition Coalition Allies Call On Congolese Population To “Guard Their Choice”

Opposition Congo Ya Makasi coalition candidate Moïse Katumbi has taken an overwhelming early lead despite the shambolic polls arranged by the Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) with he and his allies now inviting the people to stand up and defend their will in the ballot.

The Congo Ya Makasi coalition, that consists of presidential candidates Augustin Matata Ponyo, Delly Sesanga, Seth Kikuni and Franck Diongo who withdrew from the race to back Katumbi, have sent a letter to CENI insisting on the need for the people’s will not to be tempered with.

In the letter, the Congo Ya Makasi have highlighted the attempts by incumbent Fèlix Tshisekedi’s Sacred Union party to obstruct the choice of the people by tampering with electoral equipment and inciting violence.

“The people made a choice of rupture, the choice of the homeland and progress. Indeed, the results as collected across the country and compiled by our monitoring centers place candidate number 3 Moise Katumbi Chapwe very far in the lead,

We therefore call for the general mobilization of the population across the entire national territory in order to ensure the Defense of freedom of voting expressed this December 20, 2023 in favor of candidate No. 3 Moise KATUMBI CHAPWE, despite the multiple planned irregularities” the letter reads.

The 2023 DRC General Elections have been engulfed in a number of irregularities arising from poor organization by CENI who failed to even hold the polls conclusively on the actual day of voting.


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