Uhuru Kenyatta Raila Odinga

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday endorsed his former arch-rival for the country’s top job, weeks after their parties joined forces ahead of presidential and parliamentary elections in August.

“We have chosen Raila Odinga without any opposition to be the fifth president of Kenya,” Kenyatta told a cheering crowd numbering thousands in the capital Nairobi.


  1. You can’t write kenyan politics without Raila being a cornerstone. If there is any kenyan politician, present or dead that has gone to through government machine of brutality and tortured for the last Four decades, then its Raila. If there was any politician that previous presidents swore that he should never be given presidency because he comes from” a wrong” tribe, then its Raila. If there is any Presidential candidate that was rigged out openly and in full clare of sun and cameras, not once but thrice, then its Raila. This is his final and last 6th attempt .( Remember how kenya had two presidents, Uhuru kenyatta as the president of Republic of Kenya and Raila Odinga who swore himself in as President of People of Kenya after the government machinery robbed him a win in the last general electtion)
    Kenya was to boil and burst into flames as all two parties ( ODM and Jubilee) cadres had armed themselves up to the teeth.
    Thank God, Raila and Uhuru realized that, kenya was more important than an individual, they had a famous “handshake” and their weapons laid down.
    You might be wondering why uhuru is now backing Raila, politics is a funny game, when Uhuru and Raila shook hands, his Vice president was isolated as he was totally against it. He wanted enemity and hatred to continue for him to use it to climb to presidency as Uhuru is finishing his second and final term, which means he was an automatic successor. Because of this, he started undermining Uhuru and sabotaging gov policies calling uhuru a lame duck. He formed his party and now busy compaigning again his boss.
    Kenyan constitution protects the DP, the president can’t fire him, or nominate another person, that is why the DP behaving the way it suits him provided he doesn’t break the law.
    Uhuru fears if his DP becomes president, he might become worse than any present, past or dead presidents in Africa. Museven would just be a boy’s play. He can become brutal, tyrany, despot and probably attempt to change constitution to make himself a life president.


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