Lungu killed and buried the press conference- Laura Miti


Lungu killed and buried the press conference

By Laura Miti

Today, a group of opposition leaders announced the newest political party alliance, at a press conference.

Mr. Sakwiba Sikota read the statement which had, noticeably, above average vocabulary and phrasing.

The setting out of all that is wrong in the country was going very well, until a journalist from Hope Radio asked President Lungu a question, a good one. Very respectfully asked.

The former Kateks was asked what, if he was still in office, he would have done to restructure the debt that his party had liberally contracted, and which is suffocating the economy.

What, in his view, was the current government doing wrong about debt, that he would have done differently?

Now, that is the one question President Lungu should be able to answer substantively and soberly.

So, the former Kateks gets the chance, with multiple microphones in front of him, to tell the nation what he would do, to get us out of the debt hole he dug us into .

Then he answered. Eeeeh .

Ati – I am not in State House so you can’t ask me that. Ask HH!

Well, with that one answer, President Lungu killed and buried that press conference. The main star could not say what he would do to address our biggest problem, that is underpinning all our other economic problems – debt.

Truth is, I am convinced that Zambia would drown, economically, if any of those people who were at the high table, today, were in charge, just as President Lungu drowned in that question.

About the political issues the opposition leaders raised – there they can talk. Not va economy. Banama.


  1. ECL is very smart. They guy knows when to talk, where and to who. Hence to people like Miti this alone craws under their skin. They’ve failed to predict the guy. Simply put, ECL knows whatever advice he may render HH won’t take it, so why waste time?. The president has been having press conferences but journalists for their own reasons fail to ask. Lawyers are very dangerous when given political power they know where to bend and where break the law.

    • Ba 2.8 Lies, ECL is clever? Really? The gentleman is only good at dancing. The reason he declined to give his alternative solutions is because he has absolutely no idea about resolving the economic challenges we are facing. After all, he is the one who got us in this deep hole.

      If ECL and PF were still in charge, things would be ten times worse and I have no doubt about that!

  2. He would not answer the question on debt because he is blank. No clue. He is just a political vuvuzela and nothing more. His bosses the uneducated cadres are waiting but alas they will wait forever.

  3. PF failed to clinch a deal with IMF and world Bank when in power so what different will they
    Do now?It’s just giving false hope to Zambians.

  4. HH told us whilst in opposition that he was better able to deal with debt than ECL. So ECL’s response was as good as saying take a hard look and see for yourselves what the other guy is doing. HH claimed he had more credibility than ECL that he was going to bring all creditors to one room and they were going to agree on how to deal with Zambia’s debt. It is now getting to three years of HH’s rule and nothing of the sort is happening. Same with his hot air over the kwacha appreciating within a few hours of being sworn in. Zambians are still wondering as to when 14hrs will be.

    • Be sincere and objective sir. Semantics dont solve problems. Its very clear that ECL has no idea, let alone morals. He is the reason we are in the economic quagmire we are in economically.

      Lets be objective. Ehhh is not a response. The challenge was thrown at Lungu and he fail. He doesnt command any respect at all the last UN General Assembly he addressed showed that.
      If you want to be taken seriously, let him address the question or else he is not fit to suggest he has anything to offer.

    • Is this proper thinking? Tell us how long did it take the previous administration on this task? Are you now a time keeper? If so the whistle is 2026. This beast of debt must fall.

  5. Edgar Lungu is a specialist when it comes to running away from the media. Journalists have been looking for a chance to engage Lungu on a variety of issues since his return to active politics. But it has been excuse after excuse and most media houses have given up.

  6. A tarven Mambala should not be expected to know how to fix a huge problem created through Ubomba Mwibala!
    As Albert Einstein said, you cannot expect the same minds that created a problem to figure out the solutions!
    ECL’S hypocritical return to power is all about self preservation, protecting self from facing the Law for his many crimes committed during his 7 year misrule and maladministration!


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