LUSAKA gold dealer Shadreck Kasanda


By Fox Reporter
THE Media Liaison Committee (MLC) has expressed concern in the manner the UPND government want to secretly prosecute the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) Gold-Cashgate scandal involving State House official, senior police officer and a Lusaka business executive.

MLC chairperson Ernest Chanda says the organisation is deeply concerned with the application by the state to have the courts adjudicate and determine the gold scandal case in camera; meaning whatever will be discussed will be a secret and no journalist will be allowed to cover this case.

Chanda notes that the intention by Government will not only disadvantage the media from maximising on their much needed revenue, but also the citizens who rely on the media for detailed, ethical and factual information from the courts.

“The MLC is of the view that the case remains public as transparency is crucial in matters involving government actions, keeping it in camera could lead to suspicions of a cover-up, thereby eroding public trust. The public has a right to know how their resources are managed, and a transparent legal process ensures accountability and upholds democratic values.

Additionally, a public trial serves as a deterrent against corruption, sending a message that wrongdoing will be exposed and dealt with openly. This case involves a valuable national resource, and the public has a vested interest in understanding the details surrounding its management. Transparency not only holds officials accountable but also allows the public to comprehend the intricacies of the legal process and the evidence presented. This knowledge empowers citizens to actively engage in civic discourse and make informed judgments about the conduct of their government,” he said.

Chanda explained that keeping this matter in camera will also in a way infringe on media freedom which is provided for in the Constitution of the Republic of Zambia. Article 20 (2) enacts:

‘’Subject to the provisions of this Constitution no law shall make any provision that derogates from freedom of the press.’’

“We therefore opine that if the court entertains the state’s application in the gold scandal case, it will be infringing on media freedom. And in a positive sense, by keeping the gold scandal case public, the government demonstrates a commitment to democratic principles and reinforces the idea that justice is administered fairly and impartially. This approach fosters a sense of trust in the legal system and promotes a healthy democratic society.”

He urges government that the gold scandal case has far reaching consequences beyond just legal proceedings.

“The MLC further believes that the gold scandal has far-reaching implications beyond just legal proceedings. It directly impacts the economic stability and reputation of the nation. Citizens have a right to be informed about any mismanagement or corruption that could jeopardise their country’s financial well-being.

We urge the Government through its state advocates to withdraw this application as it will disadvantage independent scrutiny by the media, members of the public, and civil society; with the media being a mechanism of checks and balances. This scrutiny helps ensure that all relevant facts are brought to light and prevents any undue influence that might be exerted in a closed-door setting,” chanda said.

And lastly, open courts help protect adjudicators from unnecessary accusations of bias as the media and members of the public follow matters closely while making informed opinions on matters being adjudicated upon. We therefore emphasise that this gold scandal case be left in open court as a matter of public interest and for transparency,” he said.


    • In case the court sits in public and airport records of plane landings and access to tarmac is made public Diego Cassili will be the first exposure, HH’s partner in East Park and other Malls built, bought by Cassili. Bally’s ugly belly will be exposed. Cassili is the frontman used by Bally in illegal gold trade. Cassili was seen, recorded at private hangers area carrying gold to deliver previous week to the gold saga.

  1. There is need for transparency. These are criminals and must be treated as such. If it was the defence applying, it would make sense. But the state? It stinks. We want names of those involved clearly highlighted especially State House Staff.

  2. Not only media but all the citizens on whose behalf you are prosecuting this case are demanding an open trial so listen to your employers because those are the ones who pay your salaries.

  3. Have you taken into acountt the security implications sarounding this matter? National security shoulvbe prioritized over transparency and accountability.


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