Miles Sampa’s PF Thanks Edgar Lungu For Recent Frequent Visits To Matero Constituency



January 29th, 2024

The patriotic front wishes to commend the former president Edgar Chagwa Lungu for
his continuous visits of matero Constituency which is a Constituency of the current
party president Hon Miles Sampa.

The party is delighted to note that the former president has taken keen interest to learn
and interact more with the people of matero a Constituency he barely visited during his
tenure but it overwhelmingly voted for him in 2021 elections and further urges that he
continues with the same spirit so as to understand better the challenges the people of
matero face which include high levels of unemployment dating as far back as
2012.Matero currently has alot of challenges in the midst of the cholera outbreak which
has seen the setup of the cholera centre in heroes stadium within the Constituency.

In the spirit of oneness and as a matter of courtesy, the party calls upon the former
president to reach out to Hon Sampa who is the current party president and elected
area member of Parliament for matero prior to his visit as this will help in making
himself available to guide and take him around the Constituency.

We further urge that the former president does not restrict his visits to churches only
but should rise to the occasion as a statesman and only surviving former president to
reconcile the nation and put heads together in finding ways of mitigating the cholera
outbreak which is taking the lives of the Zambian people. It is in times like this where
our leaders should forget their differences for the good of the nation.

Hazel Saliya Kapeta
PF Chairperson for Information, Media & Publicity


  1. So Lungu has been visiting Matero constituency, I thought there is decreasing democratic space? Imagine if it was HH doing that during Lungu pf era?


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