Milingo, State agree on out-of-court settlement… courts encourage alternative means of dispute resolution


Milingo, State agree on out-of-court settlement
… courts encourage alternative means of dispute resolution
Lusaka, 13.02.2024

Milingo Lungu and the State have agreed to settle their dispute outside the courts of law. Through a notice of motion, the lawyers representing Lungu told an eleven-member constitutional court sitting in Lusaka today that their client wishes to pursue alternative means of dispute resolution.

“My Lords and Ladies, if you remember, at our last appearance before this court, we intimated that we were pursuing alternative means of settling this dispute. We have come to that point and the State has agreed”, State Counsel, Sakwiba Sikota of Central Chambers submitted.

Lungu had petitioned the constitutional court when the Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP, Gilbert Phiri, lifted the immunity against criminal prosecution which had been granted him by former DPP, Lilian Siyuni. The immunity was in respect of all matters related to Konkola Copper Mines, KCM, which was under provisional liquidation and Lungu was serving as provisional liquidator.

Representing the State, Mandela Nkunika of Simeza Sangwa and Associates told the court that the State agreed with the petitioner and therefore had no objection against the application.

“However, we wish to apply that the costs related to this matter be awarded in favor of the state”, Nkunika submitted. He argued that there have been costs related to several applications that the state had to attend to over a period related to the matter.

In response to the application, Jonas Zimba of Makebi Zulu and Company said the court in Zambia encourages parties to a dispute to save its resources by seeking the resolution of disputes outside the courts of law.

“To impose costs in this case would amount to condemning the petitioner instead of commending him for saving the resources of the court by seeking other means of dispute resolution”, Zimba said, adding, “it would be a travesty of justice to grant the application for costs by the State”.

The Constitutional Court has reserved its ruling on a date to be advised later.


  1. When criminals grant fellow criminals immunities.

    The freemason conman even sacrificed the innocent lady DPP. Now you see that it was not even her fault or decision. No wonder the conman gagged her. How evil and cruel can one be?

    Let us remove this rubbish in 2026. They are a cancer to our nation.

  2. Ba Indigo, read the story carefully. It is your “innocent” former DPP, Mrs. Siyuni, who granted milingo blanket immunity. Why would one ask for immunity unless they know they committed a crime?

    However, what is clear is that looting will go unabated. The deals being done with the PF looters will simply encourage other would be looters, especially those in the current UPND government.

    Zambia is truly a looters’ paradise. There are no dire consequences for raiding the national treasury. When you are found out, you still get to keep some of the loot with the blessing of the State.

  3. This country is rotten to the core. We need Chinese style laws and discipline. Death by firing squad for grand corruption and theft. I am surprised that someone is trying to blame the current government for this mess and yet the crimes were committed under Lungu’s PF. What political alliance is the lawyer cutting these dirty associated with? And you think that these swindlers can rescue Zambia?


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