Statement by Africa Parliamentarian Network Against Corruption (APNAC)

Issued by APNAC Chairman and Spokesperson Miles B. Sampa, MP

December 26th, 2023

Lightening cannot be striking twice every festive season on the Foreign Affairs Minister Hon Stanely Kakubo as relates to corruption scandals real or perceived.

We note in 2022 it was him receiving a paper bag from a Chinese national at a car park at Sinoma cement. An alert citizen took a video and whistleblowed it on social media.

Hon Kakubo claimed it was calendars inside and guess President Hakainde Hichilema gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Today another whistleblower be it the Chinese payer himself a Mr Zang, has released pics and video of Hon Kakubo receiving $100,000 cash and huge bundles of cash in Kwacha of atleast K500,000.

What ever the transaction surely smell of corruption. In any case why transaction in cash and not through bank account were records can be traced for tax purposes. Of all people Ministers should lead by example on money matters and as soon as huge amounts of cash are involved, common sense is that there is some corruption quid pro quo involved.

Hon Kakubo is a young and promising politician most Zambians including undersigned have held in high esteem and has had huge leadership potential now and the future. Blameless human interpersonal skills he has when met one on one. He is also a former banker from the FOREX dealing room same as I was many years ago. As Bankers, we discouraged clients conducting business via cash. Zambia is actually almost a cashless society. Payments can be made via bank or mobile transfers. So one engages in huge cash transactions purposely to hide the transaction for ill motives.

It was only a few days ago at his press conference that President HH directly or indirectly praised Hon Kakubo. Like most Zambians do including myself, It is clear the President has a soft spot for the Foreign Affairs Minister hereby reminding the President that he has to defend the constitution by treating all Zambians without fear or favour. The President is the only Zambian privileged by the government systems with on the spot factual data on any occurrence in the Country and this transaction inclusive.

APNAC therefore demands that President HH immediately fires Minister Stanely Kakubo and if cannot for whatever reason, the President will owe Zambians an explanation on why not. Stanely maybe a good young man socially and otherwise but it’s his office that is about 4th in cabinet seniority command that is under fire. One has to give if not entire cabinet.

As it takes 2 to tango, APNAC further demands that the Chinese man Mr Zang involved should also be arrested and charged for corruption and related offenses.

Miles B. Sampa, MP
APNAC Chairman & Patriotic Front (PF) President


  1. Interesting note that in 2022 the same Minister Kakubo was said to have received cash dollars from the Chinese company that again is said to have received again from the same company, a transaction that happened in July 2022??

  2. Miles Sampa is the right person to rebrand PF!
    This is how you talk. You address the issues without undressing the person!
    This is how it should be.
    Those who wish to hide wrong transactions don’t do bank transfers. They prefer to handle huge amounts of cash, risky as it is.
    There is something fishy here.
    This calls for changes in our Laws regarding those who serve in government.
    They should not be allowed to have conflict of interests by serving also as directors in their companies!
    If we are serious about fighting corruption, we must come up with a Code of Business Conduct for those who wish to serve!

    • Ya but isn’t it ironic that MBS is talking about banks to transact when he was the first to pay k200,000 cash for he’s presidential nomination fee at his party??

  3. Ba Sampa, just hold your fire, this story doesn’t make much sense yet until further clarifications are given. For example, you are all mentioning dollars, saying that the Minister was given US$100,000 but the video is showing someone receiving bundles of Zambian kwacha, who exchanged the dollars to kwacha and where was the exchange done?

  4. Ya! So intent on defending fellow cadre Kakubo you henchmen. The story says dollars and Kwacha!

  5. To clean the governance system politics should be opened up to civil servants and those working in private sector of parastatals
    Leaving politics to business men will not lead us anywhere
    Let those in formal employment take leave and aspire for seats in parliament or council if the fail they should get back to their positions without any hindrances if the manage they can go on unpaid leave for the life span of parliament or council they we will clean our political space off crooks


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