By Mwaka Ndawa

MINISTRY of Justice permanent secretary Andrew Nkunika and his wife Towani Chipeta are demanding K10 million from the Patriotic Front for intruding in their marriage.

The couple has sued former party secretary general Davies Mwila as the respondent in the Lusaka High Court, seeking damages for defamation over a Facebook post published by one of the pages associated to it, questioning Nkunika’s affection for his wife.

The plaintiffs want an order of injunction restraining the PF or whosoever may be acting on its behalf, from making defamatory sentiments about them.

In their statement of claim, Nkunika and his wife said on October 21, 2021, the PF falsely and maliciously published defamatory statements on its Facebook page by way of innuendo, saying: “love or guilty- ministry of justice permanent secretary Andrew Nkunika has continued to post ridiculous love posts dedicated to his new wife on Facebook……love or nichani?”

The plaintiffs contend that the defamatory statement was published on Facebook by the PF for its followers on electronic media platform and at the time the page was followed by 161,129 people.

The duo said the words in their natural and ordinary meaning were intended to mean that they were guilty of wrong doing.
They added that the words were also understood to mean that Nkunika’s level of thinking was shallow.

Nkunika and his wife who contested the Chasefu parliamentary seat in the August 12, 2021 elections as an independent candidate said the statement was made in a sensational manner.

“The Patriotic Front knew or ought to have known that the allegations that Nkunika’s writing to his wife were ridiculous is irrational, was untrue,” the couple said. “The PF knew or ought to have known that the plaintiffs were not guilty of any wrongdoing.”
The couple submitted that they have been seriously injured in their reputation, and esteem has been lowered by such sentiments and brought into ridicule and public scandal by the statement.

Nkunika and Towani further said unless restrained by the court, the PF will continue making defamatory statements about them.
The plaintiffs are further seeking costs at the current bank lending rate and any other relief that the court may deem fit.


  1. The young man abandoned his wife and biological children and inherited a women with with children who are now enjoying. This woman brainwsahed him no wonder he is threatening any that tries to reason with him. His thinkin capacity is now shallow and Nobody knows the kind of juju this girl fed him on.

    How can a lawyer sue and organization with millions of people for defamation istead of suing an individual who defamed him. You can tell that thse instructions are coming from his illiterate wife whom he picked from drinking club. What a shame to the legal fraternity

  2. I am not sure about the legality of this matter.There must have been a person who sent an article to the PF Facebook page.Why is the writer of the article not included in the case as Accused No.1 and PF as accused No.2? Can the legal brains help here!!!

  3. Why should a married mature person post his thoughts about his wife on Facebook?? and a public figure for that matter,who appointed him as PS ???.
    I strongly support PF ‘s action on this issue.
    Shame.shameful indeed!!!.


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