In summary regarding the PF Lucky Mulusa stated the following points in the discourse he had recently on Hot FM breakfast programme:

1. A cabal of criminals was created in the PF government.

2. The whole government machinery just became criminals stealing from Zambians under PF.

3. The PF regime should have never happened to Zambia.

4. That Zambians paid a huge price for entrusting the PF with the management of their affairs.

5. The PF ruled on the concept of arrogance of incumbency to commit wrong doing.

6. Advice to PF is to actually to disband as the unit is what Zambians should never see.

7. That the best PF should do is to disband and join other political parties and learn some decency in administering public welfare.

8. That becuase of their thieving most of their political careers (PF) have actually ended.

Lucky Mulusa’s discourse is an epitome of truth and eloquence. The eloquent politician of all time, does not beat about the bush does not like wasting time where the truth is concerned, over fire tenders he likened them to wheelbarrows in castigating and advising the PF over the thieving surrounding the overpricing.
He is one of those we admire where stating the truth is concerned. What matters is the truth no matter how painful. If the truth shall kill them let them die.

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  1. I think that this advise is I’ll timed. Pf is not in government now so there is no threat of what he is talking to this great nation. Whatever feelings he may have about the party which gave him a job can not out weigh the need for a vibrant opposition.

  2. I remember the vibrant Secretary General of UNZALARU saying that those who vote PF are fools. Then PF responded through management of UNZA by withdrawing recognition of UNZALARU. Eventually the matter was sorted by courts of law and UNZA management lost the case indirectly implying that voting for PF is a foolish thing to do. What do Zambians now feel about voting PF?

  3. PF members should stay in PF and not rush to join other parties. The PF is home to tribalists, thieves, intolerant, and shameless human beings. These behaviours must be confined within the party and prevented from spreading to other political parties like a cancer; unless it’s to like-minded ones like PeP, and other one muntu parties.

  4. Not all pf members are bad.In the system of pipo like Ecl it was risky talking piblicly against pf.So they remained mute to keep their jobs.Sometimes it is so risky criticizing your own party as anything can happen to such pipo opposing certain things in their party


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