…we were told to bring surities at 09:00 hours but up to now, the process has not even began says Hon Given Lubinda.

LUSAKA, Friday, January 14, 2022 (SMART EAGLES)

THE PATRIOTIC FRONT (PF) has demanded for the immediate release of the Party’s Information and Media Chairperson Raphael Mangani Nakacinda due to unlawful detention.

PF acting President Given Lubinda said Hon Nakacinda has been illegally detained by the Police because he has neither been charged nor arrested.

Hon Lubinda said if the Police want to charge and arrest Hon Nakacinda, they should finalise the processes of arrest so that he can obtain bond.

The PF acting President was speaking today at Woodlands Police station where he together with other senior party members went to finalise the processes of bond for Hon Nakacinda.

“We were told to bring sureties for hon Nakacinda at 9 hours. This is half past 11 hours, but the process has not even started. Now we have been alerted that we should come back at 14 hours,” he said.

Hon Lubinda is however hopeful that the delay in the process is not a ploy by the Police to detain Hon Nakacinda longer than necessary.

“He spent the night in the cells without any justifiable reasons. A charge which he has been picked and not read out to him is a charge of defamation which does not warrant detention,” he said.

Hon Lubinda who is also former Justice Minister has reminded the Police that their Cells are not the best place to keep anybody that has not been charged for any offense.

He said it is totally unacceptable for the Police to detain Mr Nakacinda when he qualifies for bond.


  1. Lubinda says that the police in the past had used weekends to prolong detension. He is now confessing that this used to happen under their watchful eye in PF government and it was very much okey then. Now that they are out of government, them they should be treated well. Koseni guys. Under your abusive government, abanenu used to cry daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. And there is something you don’t seem to realise. You are now using the freedom of speech space arrogantly to an extent of forgetting other peoples rights. Ba PF, in government because of the stately powers you might think you had, you could have had an arrogant leadership but in opposition ,you just need to have a sober leadership which I feel you are currently lacking. To the young and vibrant PF members, my advice is that look for a sober minded new leadership and move on. Forget about these rich old guards to fight their own battles after all they were stealing and eating alone.

  2. Why take advantage of UPND good policy of not detaining for a bond able offence? Keep him till Monday . You were keeping people for months in the same filthy cells. Mwanyala


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