PF dismisses speaker Impeachment Motion, brands it B.I.D

MAFINGA PF MP Robert Chabinga

PF dismisses speaker Impeachment Motion, brands it B.I.D

LEADER of the Opposition in Parliament Robert Chabinga has said described the impeachment motion against Speaker of the National Assembly Nelly Mutti as a Brought-In-Dead (BID) case that will not succeed.

Chabinga said his office had not sanctioned the motion.

“From the very beginning, my office, as the Leader of the Opposition, has not authorized any Member of Parliament to support this impeachment,” Chabinga said in a statement to the media.

Describing the motion as a B.I.D, Chabinga said it would have no significant impact and would not pass.

Chabinga added, “It is a BID, it will have no ripple effect at all and it will never go through.”

Chabinga also cautioned Nkana Constituency independent member of parliament Binwell Mpundu who initiated the impeachment motion, to be cautious about potentially being manipulated by the Edgar Lungu-led PF faction.

“I trust my brother, Binwell. He is an intelligent man, but he has shocked me in the way he tried to be used by people who are greedy, selfish, and do not have the best interests of this country at heart,” Chabinga noted.

Chabinga further delivered a warning to the Members of Parliament who supported the motion without due consideration, stating, “I just wanted to make a clear statement that those members of parliament who were signing blindly (the motion of impeachment). I hope you know what you are doing because you will be on your own. Those people will run away from you.”

He pointed out the stark contrast between the newcomers and those with vested interests, saying, “They ate, they had the money, they dined, and that is why they want to protect their interests. You, who just came in, will remain a laughing stock and you will never come back. So be very careful,” Chabinga urged.

However, Chabinga revealed that some Members of Parliament were resorting to intimidation tactics to rally support for the motion. “Most Members of Parliament have called me, but I cannot mention names for fear of them being victimized because they have been told they would be beaten, attacked, and lose their seats. This is how desperate this team is,” Chabinga disclosed.

Meanwhile, Chabinga expressed his surprise at Members of Parliament seeking assistance from the same embassies they had previously criticized as imperialist. He urged them to follow proper legal procedures and approach the court while handling these matters with sobriety.

By Moses Makwaya



  1. Just because your are suspected to be parangatiating the speaker doesn’t make you a sait by the time you realise the realist on the ground you will cry in your own language,so just continue eating the forbiden from from every corner.But time will tell

  2. Hakainde at work!

    Soon Miles Sampa will expel all MPs that do not recognise him as president. That will force bye elections, and UPND will rig them resulting in an all UPND parliament.

    We were warned about Hakainde, we never listened. Even our beloved KK warned us.

    God help us all.

  3. We are not talking about your illegal non existent Sampa PF you fools. It’s the one and only PF led by Edgar Lungu. Who are your members: Zambia police, Judges, speaker of parliament and some Upnd members. You are just waisting your time you don’t exist anywhere in Zambia except as a puppet of Upnd. Just wait you will soon cry your lungs out for your foolishness


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