PF OFFERS TO CLEAN LUSAKA CBD help mitigate against the cholera outbreak that has claimed 52 lives so far…

Friday 29th December 2023

The Patriotic Front has offered to clean up the Lusaka City Central Business District.

The Party says with the serious cholera outbreak that has claimed 53 lives in 2023, it is imperative that everyone participates in keeping surrounding areas clean.

Patriotic Front Secretary General, Hon.Raphael Nakacinda has since requested the City Council Town Clerk that his members wish to join the Keep Lusaka Clean Campaign team in its end-of-the-month exercise.

Members of the Patriotic Front have been requested to come in large numbers and with brooms and cleaning detergents. They are expected to gather at the Lusaka City Centre on Sunday, 31st December 2023 at 08;00hrs.

Below is the letter written to the Ciy Council

27th December 2023

The Town Clerk
Lusaka City Council
Civics Centre
Independence Avenue

Dear Sir,


We have noted that there is a severe cholera outbreak in Lusaka that has claimed many lives.

According to the Ministry of Health media statement dated 14th December 2023, from October 2023 to date, the Ministry has recorded a total of 1,385 cases in Lusaka Province alone with 36 deaths. Nationally, the Ministry notes 2,270 cumulative cases with 52 lives lost since 26th January 2023.

It is with this concern that we request that we be allowed to join the Keep Lusaka Campaign cleaning exercise that takes place at the monthend.

We have offered that our members join your teams in the Lusaka Central Business District on 31st December 2023.

For detailed arrangements, kindly contact the undersigned.

Thank you

Hon. Raphael Nakacinda
Secretary General


  1. Foolish clowns. PF allowed street vendors to make makeshift kitchens in the ailes and sides of roads in the CBD. People were defecating in shake shake packets.

  2. The problem with PF is that they think Zambians are stupid and they continue to tease them. What they don’t know is that the Zambians know that PF is a criminal gang masquerading as a political party!!

  3. This is a good initiative. Keeping our surroundings clean is a public health concern, and any efforts made by individuals and Organisations like the Patriotic Front to ensure this, should be supported. Diseases don’t choose between political parties , and indeed Cholera in Lusaka is not selecting between political parties.
    We are all affected.
    The UPND did some civic works during their
    10 day period of activism and community work in August, and the country lauded this. Let the PF also engage in some Civic Duties as they end a very turbulent year in their Organisation..It’s timely . Let them not be hindered.

  4. I don’t understand these clowns. Why were they not cleaning up during their tenure in office?
    Who doesn’t know it’s a sympathy-seeking gimmick for political gain? Who doesn’t know these are a bunch of heartless panga wielding criminals who beat and insulted us whilst stealing our resources for ten years? They even used to abuse our own soldiers and police offices…no one was spared by these riffraffs. I vividly remember their idiotic so called musicians using ZAF helicopters during their ill-fated campaign charades….Today they want to clean our streets which were made dirty by their abysmal and ruthless borrowing, money that was going straight to their pockets. They subsidized everything and borrowed money to service the subsidies to hoodwink Zambians that the economy was healthy. They are lucky HH is a coward. Otherwise, a tough President would have put them where they belong…JAIL

  5. Thanks but no thanks! Instead of offering to clean the city, PF could do well to start cleansing itself. Sorry Sampa and where team you need to get active and stop the failed alebwelelspo project to stop mascaquarading as the legitimate PF leadership team.


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