PRESIDENT HH HAS INDUCED LOAD SHEDDING… by opting to sale power to neighboring countries because the government has no money – SILAVWE

Jackson Silavwe


… by opting to sale power to neighboring countries because the government has no money.

Thursday, January, 05,2023 [Smart Eagles]

Golden party Zambia GPZ President Jackson Silavwe says President Hakainde Hichilema has induced load shedding buy opting to sale power to neighboring countries.

In a interview, Mr. Silavwe said the UPND Government was in a hurry to carry out recruitment exercises and increased the Constituency Development Fund and yet they had no money.

He said it is regrettable that the UPND Government has taken a stance to blame the former PF Government over there failures.

The GPZ President adds that the PF Government made huge investments in the energy sector contrary to assertions by Presidential spokesman Anthony Bwalya that the country has not seen any investments in the energy sector for the last 60 years.

” PF did well to end load shedding and that was not by fluke but because they made huge Investments in the energy sector and that’s why President Hichilema after one year in office was boasting that he ended load shedding. It is sad that the UPND Government has taken a stance to blame the PF, they should own up because that’s a sign of leadership, ” Mr. Silavwe said.

“UPND is opting to punish Zambians due to recklessness of selling power to neighboring countries and pretending that the water levels are very low in the Kariba Dam and yet we are told that the water levels have improved. They are hurting small scale businesses that rely on electricity, ” He said


  1. People should know the difference between problems caused by man and those caused by nature. Problems caused man can be corrected by man where as those caused by nature cannot be corrected by man. Mr. Silavwe, if a devastating earth quake occurred today, can you still blame HH? Please try to think before you talk, looking at your pictures, you are such a young man with a handsome face, don’t tell us that you are so dull. If water levels are low in Kariba dam, how does HH cause that? If I still remember my Geography correctly, we learnt about hydro, thermal and nuclear reactor power stations. So a hydro power station is called hydro because it uses water and cannot function without water and if that water level is low or has dried up, there is nothing you or the president can do. I am sorry to say that, may be some people need to go back to school. Water levels are very important for all water dependent activities, on some occasions, we have seen Kuomboka ceremony being cancelled because the Nalikwanda cannot move on water less ground. Can anyone blame or has anyone ever blamed the Litunga, RB, Mwanawasa, MCS or ECL for that? Why should HH be blamed for something caused by mother nature? or is it just the name HH which people like mentioning everyday?
    You are talking of exporting power, which previous government has never exported power? MMD exported power, PF exported power, so is UPND and the next government will still do the same, so what is so strange about exporting power? Are you telling us that MMD and PF were exporting power because they had no money? HH has even increased CDF, he is still employing the soldiers, Police, Correctional Services officers etc, what money are you talking about? This time money is always there because no one is stealing it like before. Zambia is a Christian country and all what we need is to pray to God so that he gives us enough rains to fill Kariba dam and things will come back to normal probably before the end of this month. Load shedding has been worsened by shut down at Maamba to carryout maintenance works up to 20th January, is it HH causing all that? Please leave HH alone.

  2. Citizen – you should be made the PR person for the government since you will certainly do a better job than the rest. Thi sis the way to explain to the masses – well done ;;; and stop the always negative comments by opposition without solutions. The energy crisis is all over the world – in Europe instead of load shedding they have tripled the cost of energy – will these so called leaders accept this ? they want to have no load shedding, no increase to commercial rates, and spend billions on energy – where does this make sense.
    Yes the government could have planned better, maybe spoke to their neighbours etc but like you said every government have exported power which I assume is part of agreements to ” help each other ”
    Your article to well written and leaders should be more mature.

  3. Shouldn’t such utterances be put to Defence, so that the Suspects elucidate to the Nation?

    Where are the New Dawn Administration Youths on this one?

    Or, they don’t know how to act against such situations in a Civil Manner?

  4. Blaming the president is not the solution. The solution is to invest in alternative sources of power, invite foreign investment in energy sector to make it more competitive unlike now where all roads and lights lead to zesco malaiti. Mr Silavwe suggest solutions not a bunch of blames.

  5. I think Silavwe is a very dull youngster who should go back to school and learn simple physical geography – especially the rain circle. If he did that he will not find the name of Hakainde Hichilema anywhere there. Stupidity at its best.


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