December 21, 2022

In responding to the press conference held by the Republican President yesterday, We surmise that President Hichilema lives in his “OWN MAKE BELIEVE REALITY” far removed from the actual realities facing our people.

The Presidents obsession with the PF is now alarming. The President cannot continue to make PF a standard of his governance and economic success. The people of Zambia said it all on his behalf when they voted the PF out of power. The President should lead the Nation now.

President Hichilema dodged every question asked by the journalists. He did not effectively answer questions on; harmonising his campaign promises, barotseland, high cost of living, impact of load shedding, China, mopani, kansanshi, kcm and fertiliser distribution etc.

“In his usual style, The President took the journalists and the Nation on a wild goose chase to conceal his true thoughts or the lack of if on those key National matters and raised more questions.”

In the Presidents “make believe reality” it’s only his thinking that is true and any other reality is not no matter how it hurts our people. The President only listens to himself and the Cabinet only listens to him. We truly fear for the future of our people.

GPZ, Next Level Zambia!

Silavwe Jackson
Golden Party of Zambia


  1. Mr Silavwe the Ptesident answered all questions adequately. Maybe you had your own answers to the questions some form of answer key like used in the exams. Thus the President could only have been right had he answered according to your script. Are you now the Examiner?

  2. We knew that ba Jackson pf surrogate will concoct something in his small mind. As intelligent as he sounds imagine he didn’t pick anything from the press conference. I think bally is just too far ahead from these so called opposition leaders who have no followers. They fail to intelligently analyse issues. Jackson has turned out to be a dissapointment . I thought he would be one of those young vibrant intelligent politician but his lack of wisdom has betrayed him. Let him stick to making chairs. President on paper.


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