By Omenty Kabombeka

CHIEF Nalubamba of Namwala District in Southern Province has challenged the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) not to isolate some regions when identifying young talent.

Nalubamba told Byta FM News that the Zambia National Team’s failure to compete favorably at different tournaments could be as a result of segregation during team selection.

He alleged that there are talented young people across the country that need identification.

And Simapulasi Village Headman, Sternly Simapulasi has equally condemned (FAZ) for being bias in selection of players noting that such action has affected the perfomance of the national team.

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  1. Why is it that it is people from one region that always cry tribalism?

    Zambia has 73 tribes, yet only one of them plays the tribal card whenever it suits them? The whole country voted for one of their own as president, yet they still cry tribalism. I just do not understand them. If only they knew how much Zambians loved them, they would chill out a bit.

  2. I doubt it if Chief Nalubamba really said this. I hv met him at a Lusaka veterinary clinic where he used to practise his profession before the Ila people enticed him away from university teaching.

  3. The problem is that those alleging tribalism in team selection are not mentioning any names of players left out from other rgions. What i know is that the team we ve got is the cream of zambian football and are in elite leagues abroad. Tell us any deserving player left out you hard core triblists who only see tribalism when it is on the other side

  4. Let’s unpack this story. The Football Association of Zambia does not run any football clubs where players who end up being selected to play in the national football team come from. Are we really serious in this country? Name good football players who merited selection to the national team were left out for reasons being alleged? It’s amazing how this complaint is coming not from football players themselves. Oh my goodness, what should be done to make people have commonsense?

  5. This is not coming from Southern province alone as you sre implying, Indigo Tyrol. This concern was earlier raised by some businessman in Mongu, Western Province, and echoed in Central and Northwestern provinces. Recently, Sports Minister Elvis Nkandu agreed with these concerns and advised FAZ to cast its net wide into all provinces to get players for the national team. It was done in the past, and great players were identified and brought into the KK ELEVEN.
    It is unwise for you to express hatred and malice towards people who don’t belong to your tribe or region all the time. You will not gain anything. So change your of thinking before the devil takes full control of your mind, soul and body. And remember that Zambia is for all Zambians regardless of tribe and region. Anyone can be president. If you can not bear the current one, then relocate to another planet.

    • Yuri,

      No one hates Tonga people, despite what Hakainde preaches. Remember that Hakainde is a proven liar with no shame, a divider.

      Voters are not happy with Hakainde because of his failed policies, not because he is Tonga.

      So when we boot him out in 2026, it will not be because he is Tonga. We will still enjoy eating his beef!

      Happy Sunday.

    • Indigo is a lost cause. Probably bitter that his deals were curtailed by PF being kicked out. He sounds like an incognito Kaizer. Instead of contributing to Zambia’s democracy by objective contributions he is stuck in malice. He is a silent vuvuzela of ECL’s band of wailers of which Edith and Saboi are lead sopranos. ECL must be desperate to launder the cash he keeps, he easily manages to draw hungry politicians to him.

  6. This is a very serious observation by his royal highness chief nalubamba,Zambia is unitary state with over 73 tribes and 10 provinces, why should FAZ be only going to two regions for talent selection out of the ten provinces, it shows some kind of biasness and regionalism on their part and for sure this has contributed to the poor performance of men’s football team in our country, because if you compare men’s football to women’s football you will find that women are far much doing better than men because in there atlist there is a combination of regions though not enough also they need to go beyond that, FAZ must stop this nonsense of concentrating on two regions out of the 73 tribes and 10 provinces that makes Zambia to be complete, otherwise they will be regarded as perpetual tribalist in as far as sports is concerned

  7. Kuli kathu. PF really destroyed this country. Searching one’s tribe sportsmen and women was never an issue before. Now anyone picked to represent the country at national level has their tribe origin stated. The Godfrey Chitalu(mhsrip), Kalusha Bwalya eras, never experienced this sort of scrutiny. It was through national events or competitions that outstanding sportsmen were identified and picked, no one looked at their tribe. Now poor HH’s balancing governance is being expected to sports at the expense of competence excellence.


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