Revoke Makebi’s practicing license, Miles Sampa asks LAZ

Senior Counsel Makebi Zulu

Revoke Makebi’s practicing license, Miles Sampa asks LAZ

PF president Miles Sampa has lodged a complaint against Lusaka-based lawyer Makebi Zulu to the Law Association of Zambia for professional misconduct.

Sampa wants Zulu’s license revoked by the legal practitioners committee of the Law Association of Zambia as he is a sell out.

The Matero member of parliament has accused Zulu of breaching the lawyer-client privilege for ditching him for Edgar Lungu after the 2014 disputed PF convention.

Sampa said just like Judas Iscasriot had traded Jesus for 30 pieces of silver Zulu has done the same by trading information about his personal life which was shared to him by virtue of their relationship.

In his complaint letter dated November 21, 2023, Sampa said he had dragged Lungu to court for dribbling him during an intra- party elective conference in Kabwe.

Sampa said he challenged Lungu’s installation as PF president in the High Court and he was represented by Sebastian Zulu, Sakwiba Sikota and Makebi Zulu.

He said Lungu was represented by Lewis Mosho and a Mr Chasi.

Sampa said he entrusted his lawyers including Zulu with the most confidential information and by law he is guaranteed that his former advocates will not act against him and leak confidential information to his opponents.

“In the premises, I have noticed with dismay that Makebi Zulu Advocates who represented me in similar matter against Edgar Changwa Lungu has now switched sides and now representing my opponent against me, and my confidential information obtained under seal of professional confidence is likely to be leaked to my opponent which is against professional ethics,” Sampa said.

He feared that Zulu’s switching of client allegiance was in conflict of interest.

“This committee will agree with me that this matter is of political nature that may contain the most confidential information in order to pursue such matters as such is given to our lawyers,”Sampa said.

“Whether the matter is contentious or not, there is the possibility that the information obtained under the seal of professional confidence may become relevant to the matter at hand. In 2014 when Messrs Makebi Zulu Advocates acted for me, he obtained a lot of confidential information which he is prohibited now to disclose, and it was with the same parties of Edgar Lungu lead faction.”

He said a client should be able to have confidence that their secrets are safe with their lawyer.

Sampa lamented to the legal practitioners committee that Zulu might let the cat loose

“The legal profession has a code of conduct where rules and principles are set that regulates the conducts of all legal practitioners in Zambia and which all the members of the profession must adhere to and failure to this, this committee has jurisdiction to discipline that member,” Sampa said.

“Mr Chairman, Makebi Zulu Advocates has breached the rule of confidentiality in that he has switched from representing me in 2014 in a similar matter with almost the same facts to acting against me as a former client.”

He said the matter was sensitive and Zulu has demonstrated that he cannot be entrusted with information.

“The practitioner’s name may be struck out off the roll, not by way of second punishment but because he is not a proper person to practice the legal profession,”said Sampa.…/revoke-mekabis-practicing…/

By Mwaka Ndawa




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