Same-sex marriage does not find acceptance in our culture — Kenyan Catholic Bishops


In a statement responding to a recent Vatican document on blessings, the KCCB said Kenya’s social context is clear on what marriage entails.

The KCCB issued the statement to clarify positions after the Vatican’s Dicastery of Doctrine and Faith released a letter titled “Fiducia Supplicans” in December 2023.

This letter addressed the issue of blessings in the Church.

In the statement, the Secretary General of the KCCB, said “In our African context, while recognizing the confusion existing in more developed countries, of new unchristian models of ‘conjugal union’ and ‘styles of life’, we are very clear on what a family and marriage is. The social situation of Same-sex marriages does not find acceptance in our culture.”

The bishops stressed that the Vatican document did not change the Church’s understanding of marriage.

They noted, “this Declaration remains firm on the traditional doctrine of the Church about marriage, not allowing any type of liturgical rite or blessing similar to a liturgical rite that can create confusion”.

While the KCCB acknowledged individuals are free to receive blessings, it maintained this did not amount to blessing sinful lifestyles.

The statement affirmed: “In blessing persons we do not bless the immoral actions they may perform, but hope that the blessing and prayers offered over them as human persons will provoke them to conversion.”


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