Uebert Angel Jr has incited the wrath of a part of Zimbabweans subsequent to proclaiming that having a Samsung is a certain fire sign that one will pass on broke.

In a video that at first gives off an impression of being a production, Uebert Angel Jr is standing elbow down on a dark Mercedes-Benz G Wagon when he hears the exemplary Nokia Tune ringtone.

After hearing the Nokia Tune ringtone, Uebert Angel Jr causes a commotion and looks from right to left prior to inquiring as to whether they own an Android telephone.

In the video, Uebert Angel says an individual who claims a Samsung can never be viewed in a serious way as a result of the sort of emoticons they send from their telephone.

Uebert Angel says:

Who owns that telephone? Tsitsi, you have an Android? Goodness. Point number 3 that you will kick the bucket broke; You own a Samsung. In the event that you own a Samsung how might you be viewed in a serious way when I’m messaging you and we are celebrating over an agreement and you send me this kind of emoticons? How might I view you in a serious way?

Heavenly messenger Jr’s words didn’t agree with a part of Zimbabweans who took to the remarks segment to communicate their disappointment. iHarare presents a portion of the remarks beneath:

Kudakwashe Victor:

At the point when you gain abundance through questionable and unlawful ways the least you can do is to regard and not talk down on individuals attempting to make a certifiable and genuine living.


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