Stakes Are High For All & Critical Choices Must Be Made By PF, UPND and The People

Daimone Siulapwa

Stakes Are High For All & Critical Choices Must Be Made By PF, UPND and The People

By Daimone Siulapwa.

Happy Sabbath. As the political atmosphere continues to heat up, both the Patriotic Front (PF) and the United Party for National Development (UPND) find themselves at a crossroads, each facing significant challenges that could shape the country’s future.

The decisions made by these political parties will not only impact their own destinies but also have far-reaching consequences for the people and the nation’s sovereignty.

The PF, once a dominant political force, now hangs dangerously by a thread in the air. Any misstep could relegate them to the archives of history alongside UNIP and MMD.

We must brace ourselves for a fierce battle, as the PF fights tooth and nail , drawing on its arsenal of resources. Having tasted the sweetness of political power, the PF is determined to reclaim its position.

The lessons learned during their two-year stint in opposition have provided valuable insights, which they will surely use.

The UPND on the other hand, also faces a high-stakes situation. Everything—their party, their credibility, and political power—is on the brink of a catastrophe.

In their bid to oust the PF, they made promises of heaven on earth, reminiscent of Kaunda’s Maharishi scandal. Unfortunately, they overpromised to almost a level of propaganda and now struggle to deliver.

While the UPND government is making strides in resetting the economic trajectory, many of those appointed in key positions lack the streetwise political acumen needed to address ground-level issues and citizen discontent.

To secure victory in 2026, the UPND must bridge the gap between promises and tangible results. They must consider reinstating subsidies on essential commodities like Mealie Meal, fuel, and electricity, any further increase in the price of essential commodities will be catastrophic for UPND and the country as a whole.

This time, no promises or propaganda against anyone will work, the UPND will have to make it work and the results must trickle dawn to the people. No graphical explanation will work better than cheap food on the table for people.

President HH also faces the critical task of selecting his campaign team and anointing a successor who will be his 2026 running mate. Any misstep in these decisions could jeopardize the party’s chances, and there may be no room for correction in the eleventh hour.

In evaluating the democratic credentials of both parties, a disheartening similarity emerges. The PF, during its governance, flouted good governance principles and undermined institutional integrity to suit its agenda. If citizens opt for the PF, they may be welcoming back a regime with a history of brutality, hoping for repentance.

On the flip side, recent actions by the UPND reveal a concerning trend. The party has engaged in the arbitrary arrest of opposition leaders and utilized the police as tools to victimize dissenters, raising questions about adherence to the rule of law.

Choosing to retain the UPND in power could be an endorsement of a leadership style that borders on brutality, echoing the actions of the PF and may become worse given its current trends.

The stakes for Zambian citizens are nothing short of the sovereignty of their country. Both the PF and UPND have made alliances that seemingly prioritize foreign interests over national welfare.

PF leaned towards China and Russia, while UPND aligned with the West. The question that looms large is whether these political parties genuinely have the citizens’ best interests at heart or if they are merely pawns in a geopolitical game.

Citizens face a challenging dilemma – choosing between a historically brutal yet effective regime in PF and a seemingly less brutal but struggling UPND. It is indeed a difficult decision to make of between a hard rock and a stone, unless a third and dynamic force arises.

The decision hinges on the willingness of the populace to endure a harsh regime for the sake of economic stability or opt for a less oppressive but economically challenged government.

As a people, we now stand at a dangerous point where political choices will shape our future as a country. The decisions made by the PF, UPND, and citizens alike will determine the path the nation treads – one of resilience, progress, and true democratic values or one marred by the shadows of past mistakes. Which one will it be?


Daimone Siulapwa is the Editor-in-Chief of The Voice Newspaper. He is also a political analyst, an advocate for tribal unity and Citizen Economic Empowerment. Send your comments to



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