State House budget allocation K550,493,726.00 ($160million)- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

State House budget allocation K550,493,726.00

● Tony Blair and Brenthurst Advisory Services to cost government-$1million

1. Allocation of advisory services-K26,601,685.00.

2. Presidential Affairs-K22,149,614.00.

3. Management and Support Service-K95,430,543.00

Under Cabinet Office

– State and Presidential Affairs-K406,311,884.00.


  1. You are just a jealous lout. Can’t you ever be ashamed pocking your dirty wide nose into everything including domestic budgets? Get busy and run a business. I assure you not only do you gain respect that way you also lease the petty gossip and snooping to ladies…or maybe you are a “lady” what with LGBT rights being peddled everywhere lately???

  2. What is the expenditure on community house? Including commuting to work, renovations, security, staff etc. etc. ?

    Our politicians are not serious at all. How can they sleep at night spending so much tax payers money when we have so many poor citizens? Surely they do not need such extravagant living on the back of tax payers.

  3. Mr. Mwamba so what? Do a comparive analysis between the PF or Just MMD era at the time of Chiluba.
    This attempt is just a vain attempt as this advisory amount doesnt even stipulate that this amount to due the Blair Advisory. Or do you want us to pull out the bill you paid to the French firm regarding debt restructuring that did nothing at $US 5,000,000?


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