Stolen baby’s family struggle with trauma

THE family of the mother whose new born baby was stold by maids at the University Teaching Hospitals (UTH) are relieved that the culprits did not succeed, but they have also been wondering how the situation could have been, had the whole scheme gone through.

Eunice Daka, who is the older sister of the mother whose new baby born was stolen, says the culprits must be made to account for their “evil” actions.

On wednesday, police arrested two UTH maids for stealing and selling a baby for a meagre K3,500 to Precious Nkunika, whose baby died in UTH on Saturday, having given birth on April 29.

Acting as good samaritans in a really bad way, the two maids whose identity has been withheld offered to compensate precious with another new born baby whose mother was recuperating within the hospital.

The mother happened to be Dalitso Banda.

Ms Daka, who is grateful to UTH management and Zambia police for finding her younger sister’s baby, said in an interview yesterday that the incident has left the family especially the baby’s father traumatised.

The mother has no idea of what happened to her new born, ” she said.

“She was really in bad shape after giving birth, and due to her condition, we could not find it in our hearts to break the bad news to her that her baby was stolen.

She hasn’t been discharged yet and we are waiting for her to get better and come home, then we shall explain everything to her.

The family has a lot to say about this issue but we will talk when our patient is discharged from hospital.”

Ms Daka says the incident has not only affected her family but also the nation and has called on UTH management to tighten security.

Daily Mail


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