“Stop focusing on Patriotic Front and do your Work” -Chilangwa roars at UPND

Nickson Chilangwa
Nickson Chilangwa

“Stop focusing on Patriotic Front and do your Work” Chilangwa roars at UPND

….as UPND is reminded that Munshebwa aile namafi kubuko! Continue arguing Zambians are watching…

(SMART EAGLES) 1st December, 2023

Legitimate Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary General and Kawambwa Member of Parliament Hon. Nickson Chilangwa has implored the UPND Government to stop focusing on the Patriotic Fromt party but work to alleviate the hunger they have brought in the country.

Speaking in Parliament today when he debated Head 78 – Zambia Security Intelligence Service – Office of the President, Hon. Chilangwa bemoaned the tendency by the UPND Members of Parliament who always run from debating real issues but make PF a topic of their debates

“I like to believe right now this branch of Government must have informed our colleagues in the executive that they are not adding value to their existence as a Government by instead of focusing of real challenges that Zambian people are facing they keep on talking about PF”

“How ironic that no one wants to debate soberly without referring to the Patriotic Front”

“You are degrading yourselves by that manner of debate! It’s about time you people grew up in your debates. Zambians are waiting for results. If this win was fully financed and supported in the manner it should they should have collected reports and should have sent the reports to the President that things on the ground are not what they seem as they are very bad. Zambians are not happy with the UPND Government. Continue questioning me but the Zambians are listening right now”.

He said this head 78 is the eyes and ears of the President and when they see non performance amongst the Ministers they are entitled to report. When they see the benches in parliament are empty all the times they are supposed to report and when they notice the below average performance of Ministers their standard of living, conduct and behavior they are supposed to report.

He further highlighted the importance of the office of the President but bemoaned the current state of the department.

“This wing is supposed to have men and women of integrity but today UPND officer are going round and introducing themselves that I am also from office of the President it was unheard of. Today some are even hanging around self imposed small presidents”

AND when a Point of order was raised, the seasoned politician and parliamentarian Hon. Chilangwa like the prophet in the bible said “Mr Chairman I knew that I was going to be ruled out of order but eye that sees does not see itself! Elo munshebwa aile namafi kubuko!a person who does not take advise one day they will end up embarrassing themselves”



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