Swindled Chinese demands US$300, 000, Benz from jobless Kakubo


Swindled Chinese demands US$300, 000, Benz from jobless Kakubo

IN less than 24 hours of leaving employment, problems seem to be already piling up on former foreign affairs minister, Stanley Kakubo.

The Kapiri member of parliament may resort to using Yango to run errands as his Chinese client, using ZIALI graduates has demanded back his sleek Benz along with a whooping US$300, 000 refund for a failed business deal.

The cheeky lawyers have given Kakubo only 48 hours to return the items or they will make him dance in court.

Last evening, Kakubo stepped down from his position after he was exposed by Lian An Mining Company Limited and its director Zhang Lian An for allegedly breaching a contract they had entered into for the sale of his mine in Kasempa.

Announcing his resignation on his facebook page Kakubo indicated that he had bowed out of employment as a result of the malicious claims over a business transaction between his private family business and his business partner, so that government is not embroiled in the mess.

Kakubo who thanked President Hichilema for entrusting him with the portfolio of foreign affairs, indicated that he will clean his image soon.

According to a statement issued by State House chief communications specialist Clayson Hamasaka President Hakainde Hichilema accepted the decision taken by Kakubo and urged him to continue serving diligently in his capacity as Kapiri Mposhi member of parliament.

However, hours before he could come to terms with reality of being jobless, Kakubo was served with a letter of demand by Apton and partners on behalf of Lian An Mining Company Limited and Zhang Lian An demanding a repayment and the ‘benzo’ in his possession.

According to the letter of demand on May 1, 2022 the parties entered into a joint venture agreement for the exploration of minerals on Kakubo’s mine in Kasempa district of Northwestern province.

It was agreed that there would be a joint operation and the proceeds would be shared at the rate of 50% for each party.

The parties agreed that they would establish upon execution, a venture for the purpose of conducting prospecting operations on the project for three months for the investment recovery and additional four months for profit sharing between the two companies with an option to renew.

Apron and Partners said it was discovered that the works were halted before the agreed three months had elapsed following an injunction granted to grizzly mining stopping the said agreed works.

Lian’s lawyers said US$300, 000 was paid to Kakubo in advance and a Mercedes Benz X class registration number ADE 5962 was given to Kakubo as part payment.

“Our client has been unable to recover the said investment amount as agreed and you are in the process of selling the said mine,” read the letter.

“We have further been informed by our client that he and the company had incurred costs for a period of three months on four machines that were parked at your mine Stan African logistics limited.”

The firm indicated that it was instructed to reclaim the $300, 000 at the current Bank of Zambia lending rate within 48 hours.

Lian is also demanding US$428, 400 for the machines that were kept at Kakubo’s mine, US$164, 800 for eight tipper trucks that were to be used for the project and parked at Kakubo’s mine for 60 days and 10 % of the total amount found due.


  1. It looks like PF or someone with an axe to grind is behind this. If these people are real lawyers why didn’t the sue him and claim for damages in court instead of dragging his name in the mad to make it look like corruption. It’s obvious having resigned this case is headed for the high court. First you published it as corruption now you are coming out to claim a contract dispute. Just also be ready for reputational damage. You were claiming dollars but showing Kwacha! What currency was involved? Kakubo counter sue, you have all the evidence.

    • No words can describe your ignorance. Shocking stuff. You are so dull that it is not even worth explaining to you what has just happened.

      It is almost as if Hakainde himself personally removed human brains from some praise singers, and inserted cow brains.


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