Tens of thousands of Bembas and Easterners voted for Hichilema- Sishuwa Sishuwa

Dr SISHUWA Sishuwa

Sishuwa Sishuwa writes on Twitter

When the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops spoke out in defence of Hichilema while he was in opposition (see the links below for examples of evidence) and raised several governance concerns against Edgar Lungu’s administration, their ethnic or regional identity did not matter.

Today, when the same Bishops do what they did under Lungu and successive administrations before Hichilema’s, they are seen and, in some instances, denounced as Bembas or Easterners? Argh! My Lozi and Tonga clansmen, with particular reference to those on this platform, should tame their excitement. I mention them because they (plus a few people from Northwestern Province) are the biggest culprits on this issue.

I am not saying it is wrong for them to be excited for having “one of our own” in power, if it is a big deal for you, and to defend him on nearly everything to the point of zealotry. Our democracy provides for this zealotry. I am saying they should carefully manage their excitement.

In their zealotry, some are spreading lies that the Catholic Bishops were quiet under the Lungu presidency. In fact, the same Bishops issued countless statements between 2015 and 2021 on different subjects such as Bill10, political violence, the need for free and fair elections, the obstruction of opposition political parties, the declining economy, among other issues.

Also, this idea that any Bemba or Easterner who criticises Hichilema’s leadership actions is, by default, a PF supporter is outrightly insane and must stop. Tens of thousands of Bembas and Easterners voted for Hichilema. Like anybody else, these have the right to hold him and his administration to account without being labelled as PF supporters.

My Lozi and Tonga clansmen, please settle down!


  1. Historian used to study the past you have a misplaced agenda. Your academic knowledge based theoretical learning is misleading you. Zambians voted for President Hikainde Hichilema it is n
    only primitive and backwards people who like emphasising issues of tribe.

    • @musonda you are the one lacking education. I am still saying it again the doctor who studied history has a misplaced agenda. Are people from Eastern, Lupula and Northern provinces ceased to be Zambians? The emphasis of stressing tribalism is ill thinking. I do not ascribe to tribalism because it has no benefit in Zambian society. You Musonda how many of your kinsmen from your tribe have you assisted and what benefit does one gain if their tribal men is in an influencial position will a person benefit from the person who holds influential position, the answer is definitely no?

      Only selfish people like you, certain politicians and the doctor of history benefit from tribal inclination agenda.

      The doctor of history is unpatriotic and lack principles. Why did he leave the University of Zambia for South Africa? Why didn’t he utilise his academic knowledge to contribute to lecturing at UNZA if he was so concerned with the welfare of Zambians?

  2. This man is suprising for his generation that’s why iam sure akulila kumushi uyu.
    A person who has been to school should be more informed and disregard petty issues like tribe.
    Honesty most zambians are now obove tribe it’s him and his so called mentor membe who see tribe in everything.
    Try hard to get rid of your village mentality iwe you are now boring some of us don’t even know our tribes.So where do u put us??Ata

    • So true. Our children do not even know how to speak their mother’s or father’ tongue. Very well stated but he will choose to what he thinks is sensational reporting. He has nothing new to contribute to zambia’s politics.

  3. What is your agenda sir? You are the one driving a tribal agenda. Thousands of Southerners voted for Chiluba to make MMD win. It was never an issue. The tribal issue came with PF. Have you listened to PF “senior” committee members address the “nation”. They speak mostly in Bemba. Some Catholic Bishops advocated for rigging the elections to make sure Edgar won. Dont you have lectures to prepare for? The country is moving on. Get a life, leave the party that won to govern. Iwe uli pe earning an expatriate salay in RSA but wanting to be a rouble rouser .

    • But even you speak Bemba Sir.

      So does your supreme leader. In fact, with him, he speaks it every chance he gets. He even knows the insults.

  4. Gay Sishuwa, that’s % homosexual shit from Mmembe’s Gay side chick! He’s missing his married gay lover Fuledi Mmembe. Continue ranting cos nobody listens to you anymore. How come you didn’t go to see your Gay Lover Mmembe in detention? Oh, I know why…. it’s because his official wifey was all over and didn’t give you space to “touch.”
    Pa mputi!!

  5. Sishuwa, I hardly knew that you are an idiot with the history degree you seem to have forged. Yes Bembas and Easterners voted for HH. What is wrong with that!! Ain’t Northerners and Easterns not Zambians? Wasn’t it a General Election we had in 2021? You are simply an idiot for lack of a befitting word on you. You are still bringing tribalism this time iwe??

    • And those Bembas and Easterners Sishuwa is writing about in this way have increasingly been voted for by other tribes in general elections. Perhaps more than other tribes in Zambia, they also moved in very large numbers from their natural habitat to the old line of rail towns and face no discrimination there.

  6. Dr. Sishuwa would not have made it passed out even a diploma in STEM education field for his lack of analytical skills. Surely he doesn’t know that Zambians across the country voted for president HH not because he is Tonga but because they believed he was the right person for the job and they will either vote for him or not in 2026 depending on how they judge his performance during his tenure and nothing to do with tribe. Dr. Sishuwa is a very primitive man think the new generation of Zambians care about were one comes from and he will shocked if he counting on manipulating people on tribal lines. It seems some people never learn, PF used tribal campaigns but where did it take them?

  7. What is this tribe tribe tribe tribe tribe coming from a Doctor. You want us to be divided ? We have had a number of Presidents coming from your Regions and we all voted for them. I guess you saw us as Fools.

  8. You are indirectly telling the peolpe who come from your Region not to vote for HH in 2026 because in your thinking he hates them. I have heard it before ” We are the majority” . It is very clear to read your narrative. PF tried it in 2021 by registering more voters in what they thought were their strongholds and deliberately left out Northwestern, Western and Southern. The result is well known. Do not be so selfish to cause war in this country because of your love for your tribe.

  9. This division of the country into two halves by PF and it’s supporters is nauseating and dangerous. If I may ask where is the boundary – please careful what you wish for.

  10. Its a well known agenda. after 3 weeks he will cme up with another article on tribalism. Some human beings ar so useless. Sishuwa is a useless human being but he thinks hes useful.

  11. TO be educated without values is to be an educated fool, says UNIP president Trevor Mwamba. How do you call a fellow human being created in God’s image a cow? Some people are axis of evil and God will throw them in the hottest corner of hell when he shall burn and destroy them.


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