The coming back to active politics of ECL is a serious political Trap – UPND Member- Barbrah Chama

Barbrah Chama

By Barbrah Musamba Chama


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President HH has demonstrated that he is a good leader and lover of peace and democracy and freedom.

But as UPND we must open our eyes wider than we’re able to see beyond your political horizons.

The coming back to active politics of ECL is a serious political Trap that the enemy will use to fight UPND in the name of political checks and balances.

ECL should not be underestimated or underated because he is not going to fight UPND direct but since he is a cunning and manipulating person he is going to use other people to fight for his battles.

Bad things will start happening in the country where you won’t see the hand of ECL. And it will be difficult for Authority to link or connect ECL in the whole equation.

ECL is a Trickster and full of crookedness.

The other timely advice to our President HH is not to reconcile with ECL because ECL is not worth trusting.

ECL is a chameleon who can change colours at any given time when it suits him.

This message may not make sense now but going forward you will see bad things happening in the nation all blame will be put on UPND party.

Remember the Gassing incident it was all agly.

We didn’t know the one behind it and the motive behind it.
But the target will be UPND to make it look like it is a bad government and insight people to vote UPND out of power.

ECL is a dangerous man in Zambian politics.

ECL is evil and hence should not be treated by kids gloves.

ECL is on a distruction path and move to see that President HH fails to govern this nation Zambia.


  1. You forgot to mention that ecl is also a chikala and a baboon without a vision and a drunk. Remove his immunity and let ACC/DEC do their job.
    Lock him up….lock him up….lock him up….

    • Sit down quietly iwe.

      Has anyone been convicted for corruption since Hakainde took over?

      Your ka small god has given everyone amnesty and immunity.

  2. Spot on. ECL is one of the biggest crooked con artists politicians Zambia has ever had. He always uses other people to do his dirty work. In his last administration a lot of professional people, including Dr’s. were sacrificed and lost their jobs while bidding for Lungu. In that regard you could not pin point Lungus involvement in criminal activities, looting and violence. Except when it came to his family, he couldn’t hide the loot from his wife, his children’s massive wealth could not be explained. It all pointed to back to him and the children had used his name as an alibi. So there was no where to hide and Sampa had taken over PF. Circumstances forced him to come out of the hiding hole (Retirement where he was collecting tax payers money and running PF remotely thinking Zambians couldn’t see through his bluff. His coming back into politics took as back in time to the gathering and coming back of caders. The were out in numbers and thought they could continue from where they had left off after 2021. Somehow they had forgotten that they were no longer in power. Remember the 42 second hand fire tenders for $42M. Well the list is endless. Remember we also had to send the first lady with an entourage of over 20 civil servants including a bed maker while staying in a hotel!


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