PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema has defended his decision to present a Graphical Presentation of Economic Performance, following criticism from Catholic Priest Father Salangeta of Regina Paci parish.

The head of state says statistics and figures must be understood in decision making, saying any leader who does not make his decisions based on mathematical calculations is a joker.

He was speaking during the official handover ceremony of 30 plus vehicles which were was purchased by the government for Local Government Authorities on 24th May 2023.

Meanwhile Collen Munachoonga has condemned the behaviour of the priest saying clergymen must promote peace and unity among political parties.

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  1. Of course he has to have the last word on everything.

    He really loves ukuchimfyana, as ECL used to say.

    Let him keep his graphs in exchange for better cost of living.

  2. There’s something wrong with the way our Great Leader approaches things. No one is saying graphs are wrong. Using graphs for a mass audience is not appropriate . The audience matters.
    It’s basic communications skills ….He claims to be learned. What type of learning is this which doesn’t understand the basics of Communication Skills?
    Can you go with graphs to address a public rally?
    The other thing is that we have been moving from crisis to crisis from the time the UPND formed government. The cost of living has become very high.The costs of essential commodities have gone through the roof.
    The nation was plunged into darkness due to export of Electricity, FISP confusion, Mealie Meal Shortages and even queues, Fuel Prices,
    Inadequate Drugs and Medicines in Hospitals,
    Confusion in the Mining Sector….These are the key issues which the President was supposed to address at his press conference..
    But what does he do? He brings Graphs BOASTING about FDI pledges and GDP!! When people are queuing for Mealie meal and barely surviving in many households?
    Can you give a graph boasting about GDP and FDI Pledges, to a dying patient in a hospital, without drugs and medicines, who has been put in this situation due to your own incompetence?
    And you further mock the people’s lack of knowledge of mathematics and graphs to go to sleep? Strange times we are living in.


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