By Dr Mwelwa

The Patriotic Front (PF) party of Zambia finds itself embroiled in a web of constitutional confusion, raising questions about the integrity and adherence to democratic principles within the party’s leadership. These troubling developments center around the resignation of the PF’s President, Edgar Chagwa Lungu (ECL), and the subsequent actions taken by party officials.

According to Article 53 of the PF Constitution, in the event of the President resigning from office, the Secretary General (SG) should assume the role of acting President until a new President is elected. However, instead of following this provision, the party has chosen to appoint a different individual, Honorable Given Lubinda, to take on the role of acting President.

This departure from the constitutional mandate raises serious concerns about the party’s commitment to upholding democratic principles and respecting the rule of law. It creates a situation where the party’s leadership appears to be picking and choosing which constitutional provisions to adhere to, undermining the integrity of the party and sowing confusion among its members and supporters.

Moreover, Article 54 of the PF Constitution outlines the functions and duties of the Vice President, stating that they are to exercise the functions of the President only in the case of death or removal from office. In the case of ECL’s resignation, where he voluntarily stepped down from his position, the Vice President’s assumption of the acting President role may not be in accordance with the party’s own constitution.

This unconstitutional confusion not only raises questions about the party’s internal governance but also highlights broader concerns about the state of democracy in Zambia. A party that does not uphold its own constitution and fails to follow established rules and procedures risks eroding public trust and undermining the principles of democracy.

The implications of these actions go beyond the internal workings of the PF. They create an environment of uncertainty and unpredictability, which could impact the stability of the party and the country as a whole. Zambia, a nation that has championed democratic ideals, expects its political parties to uphold the highest standards of constitutional adherence and democratic principles.

It is imperative that the PF leadership address these concerns and provide clarity on the constitutional legitimacy of the actions taken thus far. Failure to do so may further deepen the crisis within the party and erode public confidence in its leadership.

In a time when political stability, constitutional adherence, and democratic values are crucial for the progress and prosperity of Zambia, it is essential that all political parties, including the PF, demonstrate a commitment to upholding the rule of law and respecting the foundational principles upon which democracy is built.

The unconstitutional confusion within the PF must be remedied through a transparent and constitutional process that respects the rights and obligations of party members. Only by adhering to established rules and principles can the party regain the confidence of its members and the wider public, ensuring a path towards a stronger and more inclusive democratic future for Zambia.


  1. Mr Sata made this party what it is wanting to ganner support of every dog and rat regardless. As soon as he died, every frog, lizard, rat, snail, cockroach, dog and pig found themselves in positions they know nothing about and used violence as a means to the end.

    The idiots are just reaping what they sowed, nothing external at play. STUPID IDIOTS.

  2. African political mobilisation in Zambia started as a response to colonial exploitation and discrimination. Politics has changed little since then. It’s not about sitting down to talk things over and reach a compromise with those you disagree with. Instead it takes the form of denunciation of political opponents and taking positions that lead to polarisation of political discourse. Can anyone imagine Fred M’membe sitting down with anyone to hammer a compromise?


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