There’s no fight against corruption. It’s a fight to annihilate Edgar Lungu- Emmanuel Chilekwa



There’s no fight against corruption. It’s a fight to annihilate former 6th President, Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Enough is enough, if you think he stole : go remove his Constitutional immunity, arrest him and take him to court, he has told you what to do, else, shut your mouths and keep your peace.

As far as the State House based DEC is concerned, ECL is guilty before investigations. All that he owns or does not own, are all guilty properties which must be seized.

Now that the lodge is not ECL’s, then it’s a free property, so it is handed back to the rightful owner Mr Phiri? And that is all? So is it the property you’re after or it’s the person called ECL? Why don’t you just take off your masks and get into the ring and fight ECL straight on? There’s no rule of law here. It’s just what one man wants done – the way my sister Honourable Mumbi Phiri is facing injustice, more than 8 months no court hearing about her “serious” crime.

But this moribund DEC does not say it has continued seizing the property. DEC is telling us that only ECL is suspicious and corruptly guilty BEFORE investigations.

But, DEC is not aware, have never heard their Boss say “don’t take punitive action before investigations.” DEC sees everything ECL owns are proceeds of crime. You mean a former President can’t own anything of value mwe bantu sure.?

After they fail on the lodge, you saw them other day going to search him. All they want is find him guilty, arrest him jail him and rule him out of 2026 (they fear he may run).

Ok folks, ECL has told ba Pungwa to remove his immunity so that he can have his day in court.

Trust me, if in one year you failed to produce any case against ECL, you mean now you can find something on him? You are really amateurs playing in the wrong Champions league but know that next Season, you gonna be relegated because you’re scoring own goals.

So far, you’re at bottom of the Champions League table ‘ muzamuziba Yesu.

Every day ECL gives you goose pimples and you’re failing to imbibe Chibwantu. You have probed his children, his wife now you are fishing for incriminating evidence against him – you’re in panic mode but as long as Jesus is Lord, see your life now – even your Nigerian god father has abandoned you because he has seen that the looting is now at pseudo Champion’s level, it’s unprecedentedly big.

Leave ECL alone. Start delivering. Hibernian us mealie meal at K50, fuel at K10, fertilizer at K250, no loadshedding, reduce electricity tariffs, Kwacha/Dollar rate at K10, bursary for all eligible university students, lower cost of living… noti ivi daily ma investigations, probes, threats, seizures… tizadya ma speeches yanu?


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