1. Interesting to see Mwamba put in his place . This in Nakachinda for your. Soon all Senior PF members will learn the hard way that Nakachinda is the SG and CEO of the party. This includes Lubinda. I see trouble ahead. More confusion , more embarrassment in front of cameras and yes an anti Nakachinda group will soon emerge. Nakachinda is going to mess PF a NB d soon Lungu will soon realise that even him has no control of Nakachinda. As it was in MMD , PF will soon d is scover what Nakachinda is made out of. Let them prepare for the worst. Nakachinda was made SG to facilitate a smooth return of ECL to active politics.. The problem is that Nakachinda is not trustworthy and not loyal. He will do unto ECL what he did to Nevers Mumba.

  2. Kkkkk. Nakachinda is hallusinted. He needs to get tranquilizers. Do NPF hope to come back? Ifwe ngatwavotolola ninshi natulanda. Keep on making noice with your 1000, 000, while more than 2, 000,000 voters are still waiting to remove you completely from the system of opposition team. You are just making noise.

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