1. Every criminal in Zambia should use political persecution as a get out of jail card. Nice. Only poor people will be persecuted.

  2. Boo whooo….. Rich guy wanting to leach off the government while bragging that he has houses in Kopala and England. Well what did you expect.
    Now you have run away, you thought the law wont follow up? This is a man that was pretending to be sick.
    Lets start by holding the doctor who suggested that Kambwili was so ill he neded to be evacuated.
    Secondly, you ran away claiming you were so sick. Let see if you are really so sick. India will not allow you into their country. The UK were you wife works and probably has leave to stay will not allow you into their country. You dont have a passport. Zimbabwe, we are watching you for keeping a known criminal, send him back to Zambia and his accomplice should be arrested for being an accomplice to a crime…fools

  3. Bubufee…you were in prison, if they wanted to kill you they could done it while you in hospital or prison.
    Kambwili stop lying, you were facing due process of the law and convicted. You appealed and while waiting for the court case it is said you fell so ill.
    Now we were very critical of HH allowing that the state pay you medical bill abroad as you bragged that you were a rich man.
    Are you not one of the major local creditors that include Mikalile, that is on line to be paid by the state, and they are just authenticating that the said debt is real, as reports have been circulating that a number of creditors claims are bogus as no services were rendered or good supplied? Otherwise, government is on record as paying both local and external debt.
    You are just a “dodgy person Kambwili” who would want to kill you?

  4. Even his speech is not convincing. He has named different ways he is supposedly to be killed. The same plans he and the PF planned for HH. Also he is no competition for HH. The fat man needs to lose some weight for his blood pressure.he does not need evacuation but a strict diet.

  5. Isn’t he supposed to be ill this ChishimbaKambwili? Wasn’t he too ill to present himself before an immigration officer on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border?

  6. We chisushi, who lied to you that you are popular? Where are you popular, in your toilet or on your village pit latrine? You have been flip flopping almost everyday and jumping from one stupid party to another, like a monkey you are from one tree branch to another.

    Just in case you have been fooling yourself, no criminal is popular in thos country, you are all destined to prison and no one in Zambia can waste expensive poison on a dead wood like you. You can ran but can’t hide, just be brave to answer your criminal charges, you are not worth killing, you will die on your own. STUPID IDIOT.

    In fact you disgust all voters, how can you in your wildest dream imagine to win an election, especially from PRISON? STUPID CISUSHI IDIOT.

  7. A popular man who failed to run his own party. A popular man who comes back to his vomit. A popular man who goes to the graveyard to stage a protest alone. A popular man who has never contested elections as a president. A popular man who gets arrested for preaching hate speech campaigning for someone. So where is his popularity? How I wish a big belly and a thick neck were signs of popularity but unfortunately they are not.

  8. Umwine always gets heightened sickness when the courts corner him, this is not the first time, when he was arrested by Rupiah Bandas government he instead of going to jail ended up in Thomson hospital until PF won the elections and he was liberated. He has now been jailed for six months and again his liberty lies in hospital so that by the time he feels good enough the jail term would have elapsed. But skipping borders is the worst thing that one can do and it just adds up to the miriad of cases already faced and will make it difficult for future bail negotiations, the best is to come back and face the law because these cases will not just go away


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