1. Emmanuel Mwamba stop hallucinating and making false accusations. The battle Miles Sampa is waging against the PF hijackers started a long time ago, immediately after the demise of the former president Michael Chilufya Sata. During the illegal convention that elected Edgar Chagwa Lungu by raising of hands. The wrangles that emerged during that convention were not settled. What is happening in PF now is the battle between the true green party members and hijackers from MMD. There has been a silent battle in the PF.

    Emmanuel Mwamba is a political chancer and manipulator therefore, he should not bring the UPND into PF dirt. The PF party has been a political party of wrangles and thuggery behaviour. The party of full of hooliganism and hypocrisy.

  2. Koswe mumpoto, fimba upoke. Mulenya mulelapila. Pipeni amafi muleinyela stop bringing government in your toilet. Sort your own shit!!

  3. I didn’t know some Zambians are so dull. Sampa and Hichilema are going nowhere in this issue. Ing’ombe mu mpoto. You are in big trouble. Hichilema has closed the door for any Tonga, Lozi , Kaonde, Luvale or Linda to be president in future. Because Zambians now view them to be very bad people. So those of you supporters of Upnd-ead who think you have achieved anything through ka Sampa’s illegalities. You have not. You have just created jail sentences for yourselves. Hichilema can’t ask himself why previous presidents didn’t do these illegalities he’s doing, because they they knew they could be jalied for abrogating the constitution. But it’s too late for him to change anything now, he has committed so many offences, and he’s in very big problems.

    • Iwe ….don’t cheat people. Whom are you INTIMIDATING!! To hell with your rants. HH has not COMMITTED any treasonable case than ECL did in his 7yrs Rule.

      Lungu did handle over power in 2016 when there was a petition, Lungu was NOT SWORN in by CHIEF JUSTICE. Why didn’t Mambilima swear in ba Lungu???

      HH is currently the PRESIDENT AND HAS the information of ba LUNGU’S atrocities.

  4. PF created very fertile ground for the chaos they are experiencing. They have been caught in their own web of lies. First, Mr. Lungu, their party president resigned and so did the Chairman and SG after their ignominious defeat in the August 2021 elections.

    Presidential candidates were invited to submit their applications together with a fee of K200 000. Nine(?) candidates were accepted. Then “imingalato” started and the “alebwelelapo” project was launched in earnest with some PF devotees claiming Mr. Lungu did not resign but was just on leave, inspite of him writing to the Secretary to the Cabinet to that effect.

    For two years there was a yawning leadership gap and nature abhores vacuums. Meanwhile, Mr. Lungu was busy playing hide and seek visiting churches under the guise of worshiping and doing fancy morning runs (both of which have since ceased after he was flashed out by Mr. Miles Sampa).

    So the monster Sampa is a creation of PF itself. They thought they were playing a smart game, but ultimately things caught up with them. PF should accept responsibility for their “imingalato”.

  5. Instead of solving the problems within the party these pf idiots are busy talking about hh while time is ticking, mwamba ma politics te yabana even yourself when you were in the ruling party you tried by all means to weaken upnd by arresting hh several times but your strategy was not effective and you failed, if the upnd are behind your rangles let them continue so that you become as weak as a useless dead animal waiting to be disposed

  6. The stupidity of some idiots who are accusing HH and the drama in PF reminds me of how thieves used to behave when being chased in the city center, the thief would be pointing at someone else in the distance as yhe thief, diverting the attention of the people who were supposed to apprehend him somewhere else, before you knew it, the thief was gone.

    The idiots in PF are busy pointing to someone else instead of introspecting their idiotselves and see were they went wrong. Was not the idiot complaining and others like him not PF party presidency candidates? What happened? Did HH bribe or intimidate all of them to chicken out after paying K200,000 each? Did HH incite the idiots to cancel or postpone their convention?

    So if Sampa saw their stupidity and dribbled all the idiots, why should that become a state sponsored issue. STUPID IDIOTS.


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