1. The fact that transfer has been effected is a sign that upnd wanted her to do as upnd wanted done . The problem is that there is no law to protect professionalism and political victimisation of our citizens.Tgis lady joins a list of real professionals in Zambia together with the late I . Mambilina MHSRIP !All Opposition Parties pliz unite and fight for democracy.It is due to democracy existence that the late U.Mazoka was able toeforn upnd and consequently HH becoming President.You can’t allow bomosexuality and suppress democracy and multipartism in Zambia.From Berlin

  2. This confirms that she was a PF stooge all along! Since when did this tribal party cry over the removal of a non-Bemba unless it affected their manipulations?

  3. How many of such PF cadres do we have in Govt. Clearly, this she devil arsewhore was frustrating the Govt effort towards efficiency and effectiveness but was standing on the way! Very useful professional and a lucifer plant.
    On the other hand, the UPND govt should have foreseen this and taken measures to avoid this. Everyone knew that Tandiwe Macende is a PF cadre and they left her in that sensitive position.
    What was Jack Mwiimbu thinking about it? Why did he leave such a person without proper oversight? More people need to be surrendered to the manpower division to be later fired or jailed.
    But that Tandiwe Macende must be jailed; this is not a sacking issue.


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