1. Ba Backteeth Lungu you are dull. You are not aware that Mm’embe has a PhD and not your small god who was granted a doctorate by SDA in Ghana?

  2. This speech is shallow, shamefull, shumblelic and hollow. It is a compedium full of nothing but rhetorics typical of socialist propaganda.

  3. As usual, we already knew that HH and UPND were going to dominate your presser. The problem with you is Pharisaic hypocrisy, Pharisees put themselves as a standard of everything and anybody who did not satisfy them was labeled as a failure. The same Pharisees kept on following Jesus, closely monitoring what he was doing and saying not necessarily getting his message but to find a fault with him. It’s exactly what you are doing with HH, closely monitoring whatever he does or says to find a fault with him. If that’s not hypocrisy, then what is it? If HH came to you even just to greet you in Tonga, the word he can get from you is; “nshilleunfwa” but when he is talking to people in Choma, hundreds of kms away from Lusaka where you are, you are getting every word he says, that’s hypocrisy. When he was in Luapula, you are the same people who accused him of insulting forgetting your own insults. For example, HH said; lyonse nga twaisa kuno, twaleponoka, to it was an insult. The other person said, ubukala bwa mbwa ibwigila bucheebuche and you were quiet, between the two, who insulted big between the two? HH was just telling the people about the change they brought about through their vote, what division was there? There are many bad things that were happening in Colonial days and we still talk about them these days, for example, we tell the young ones that we used to buy through the hatch or window, blacks were not allowed to enter the shops or supermarkets, is that bringing division? If you never experienced what the President was talking about, then you are lucky but you should let those who suffered at the hands of PF to talk about their experience they went through, there is nothing wrong with that.
    The high cost of living you are talking about is now a global issue. The Argentinians had their new president sworn in last week but there were mass protests three days after he took office. As I am writing now, junior doctors in UK are on strike, they want a better pay to cushion the high cost of living. BRICS countries have just increased to ten and they control almost half of the world’s oil needs, so they control the oil prices on the international market but HH and us Zambians have no control over oil, what do you want HH to do on things that he has no control? The game is 90 minutes, you need to wait until the last whistle. Every president whether past or present is assessed after full time of play and not at half time.


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