Emmanuel Mwamba writes:

They are Witches and Mambas-Hichilema

A journalist asked President Hakainde Hichilema why the National Cholera Treatment Centre at Heroes Stadium has NO WATER contributing to the loss of lives.

In his repsonse, President Hichilema answered by saying the Opposition are witches and can be likened to a Black Mamba.


  1. It’s a question for the Lusaka Water & Sanitation Company. They are the ones who turn water supply on and off. They have a website, an e-mail address and contact numbers.

    • Any Black African who says doesnt believe in witchcraft is either a big liar or big pretender .Why is State House vacant up to now ?It is this kind of talk and attitude that has made the vice survive todate while in Europe it existed but was discarded a long time ago.Don’t hide reality ,it is one of the reasons why Zambia has not developed ,to say the least….from Berlin


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