VIDEO: Under Pressure Cornelius Mweetwa Offers To Pay KBN TV Journalist For Damage Control Over His Kambwili Revelations



Chief Government Spokesperson who is also Information and Media Minister, Cornelius Mweetwa, has caused public outrage over his unscripted remarks yesterday during a Press Conference where he disclosed that the UPND worked well with embattled Chishimba Kambwili in issuing tribal remarks targeted at hurting the popularity of the former Head of State, Edgar Lungu.

Sensing the backlash, Mweetwa last night called a KBN TV staffer, Innocent Phiri, soliciting for help with damage control in exchange for a payment inducement.


  1. Mweetwa and his party are caught up in their own web of evil machinations. No amount of denial and attempt to bribe journalists will save them. Zambians now know who has been systematically promoting tribalism in Zambia.

    • Dr. Mulenga Kaoma you PF losers are now having a field day on Mweetwa’s poorly calculated political statement ka? Unfortunately this can’t remove faeces on PF leadership jackets.

    • Then you don’t know Mweetwa at all. Besides, the journalist will deny receiving this phone call. The simple point here is that Mweetwa misused the English language and ended up being grossly misunderstood.

  2. Maybe he was truly misquoted the caption is too short how about starting it at the point when he started talking about the new party UKA.PF had a lot plans to fail HH.That was the point he was trying to put forward.Wondering what ECL is thinking.You know,PF developed a lot of schemes which Kambwili was a big time player. PF showed us a lot of movies

  3. You are just cry babies.Who said when someone is ill he can not be talked or his bad acts can not be talked about.Behave or people will talk about you even in your death bed.Be gone fop!

  4. A Shocking revelation, but yet enlightening.

    If this was meant to further incriminate the now sorry official for the wrong and misunderstood utterances. The opposite may be have transpired. This may have exonerated him for issuing a controversial statement.

    This may bury this issue as a mistake made in the many words spoken to rebuff so many political attacks.

    We trust a serious lesson has been learnt. It is wise to be quick to listen and slow to speak.

  5. I think Mweetwa made a serious mistake here. He needs to take a leaf from Garry Nkombo and just put his hands up and apologise.
    There is chance I hell of ever being misquoted because the video is there and people know what he said. Cornelius is and can be childish; overexcited and a let down.
    Are these the people that were meticulously selected by HH? The guy still behaves like an UNZASU president with no direction.
    The president is leading with the demeanour of a truly credible leader with a sense of direction. But his followers like Cornelius, are a total let down and deserve a sack so that they can learn a little something.
    The minimum people expect now is an apology not his childish denials. Zambians are not fools and deserve better. People are enduring hard times and for that we get a fat well fed minister behaving like a pig in the mud. That is unacceptable.

  6. Watch them! They come like butterflies speaking grandiloquently showing like they are Morally correct.One former Ps in Eastern Province at one time told displaced people who were evicted by bailiffs from a piece of land that they would be paid K10.000 each when President Sata and finance ministry didn’t ok that was not fired.He was just sent to Western Province on the same position.You are you a great thinker, you advocate for firing of others when you excited people of Navutika with cash money yet which was neither here nor there.Tell lies to young ones not us.If you continue we shall expose you and you will be tiny like a period.


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