Each Province must rule itself
UPND Mwinilunga MP, Hon. Newton Samakayi calls for each province to rule itself and for Zambia to introduce a federal state.


    • Indigo Tryol you are just a fool who is bitter for not being considered for a position in New Dawn government. It is Zambian voters who elected HH iwe PF idiot. Yes let Zambia be shared so that you PF criminals take full charge of your own criminal activities. Zambia is for all citizens PF loser iwe.

      • Iwe chi Bob Mpombo you are totally useless to think that your UPND are not thieves. I mean thieves even park in the presidential slot at KKIA. Ba pompwe imwe.

        Kuya bebele in 2026.

  1. The idea of having to change to federal government system is long over due. Now is the time to change completely because we need to share in the leadership of this great nation.let each province Develop and manage it’s resources.Thr federal government system will bring to an end the imbalance in national leadership. This should not just end up here but we need to hear and see it being discussed in parliament.

  2. Zambians want to talk as if they hv experienced federalism before. Nigeria is federal country. It has still not helped in building a sense of belonging. All it has done is create various layers of the public sector all looking for transfers from the federal government’s budget to pay their local bills. We’re okay the way we are.

  3. The reckless talk from the above bloggers would one day lead this country into a civil war.You are forgetting about the freedom you are enjoying and you starting talking nonsense after drinking Kachasu. Forget about federal government. It wont happen. Just vote in numbers and elect the one you want to rule zambia either from your family or tribe as long as he has a vision to rule this country. If the majority of voters vote for a bemba as being the one with avision to rule zambia why should it be a problem for the Bembas. Imwe bambi you are even lucky now as during welensky days you were to scared to even go to school and even look for descent jobs like bukaboyi and mwalebutukila kuli bu namazai nabumalukula mu saini. Now since most of you with little education now and able to read and write and with little knowledge acquired in geography and civics you think you can ridicule other tribes. In the past the people taking very loudly now ,your fathers shunned going for those jobs you want to bring the Bembas into your useless agenda now.One thing you should know is Bembas are very proud people who mingle with every person from any ethnic grouping with no problems. just leave them alone .

  4. It is better to go the federal government system of governance. It is shameful for certain tribes and provinces to think that they are more enlightened and superior than others. The peace we have enjoyed in Zambia one day it will disintegrate and fall into turmoil. Other tribes are will rise up to demand total separation from the so call superior tribes. We are tired of Easterners and Northerners alleging that they are superior people who could determine the affairs of Zambia alone.

    President Edgar Chagwa Lungu did a lot atrocities of sacking people from North Western, Southern and Western provinces no tribal foundation complained. Senior government and political appointments were a preserve of people Luapula, Muchinga, Eastern and Northern provinces and people perceived be coming from inferior provinces watched helplessly. Today UPND is trying to address the disunity that Edgar Chagwa Lungu created but other tribes still thinks he is not a better person. They have started fighting HH just the same way they fought former president Levy Patrick Mwanawasa till his death.


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