• He is a Hermit seated in the darkroom with his Keyboard fixated on his only daily Subject!!! Addiction to anything is a real acute Disease, and similar to all Addicts, any attack on him about addiction, his response is scathing and viscous, wakulekafye!

  1. Gary Nkombo is a man who should be preoccupied with making Zambia’s local government work. He’s therefore ill-advised to pay attention to this kind of talk. In other words, he should be too busy with work to be thinking about who’s going to be the next leader of the UPND. It’s failings in local government that have led to periodic cholera outbreaks in Zambia.

  2. Sadly its such suggestions and articles that just start a rumour and gossip. Sure a big man like Changala engaging in idol gossip? What are women going to gossip about if men are going to spread such lies?
    Gray aniwe dont be fooled and lose sight of the efforts that are being made to raise the livelyhood of Zambians by such talk. This is what got to Kabimba (as suugested in yesterday’s article). Power corrupts…

  3. Mulenga, you have made my day.WHAT ARE WOMEN GOING TO DO IF MEN TAKE GOSSIPING AWAY FROM THEM. But even women cannot sink so low as to engage in the type this gray haired Changala old man is spreading. And he calls himself a political activist.

  4. Changala should be ashamed of himself and should take his activism to himself and not to UPND. Without HH succeeding Mazoka, do you think UPND could have formed government? Not at all, UPND would have been history by now. UPND is a united party, it ensured and survived 20 years in opposition until it formed Govt in August, 2021. And because of the good leadership and vision of HH, the party has remained intact, so don’t force a crack with your cheap politicking, you won’t manage. We know that you are also trying to see attention but we are happy that HH and UPND have ignored you because they already know you, good at nothing but making unprofitable noise all the time. Hon Gary Nkombo is a loyal, principled and mature person who can’t be swayed by your cheap tactics. He knows that without HH, he wouldn’t have been where he is now just he has also helped HH to be where he is now.


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